Pitchfork Redux Part 1: tUnE-yArDs, get tribal

I got to Pitchfork Festival’s ‘green stage’ on Friday without any preconceived ideas. Every ten minutes or so a bunch of lip balm sized tubes of face paint would be tossed among the crowd. TUnE-yArDs brand face paint. Things were going to get tribal. Merrill Garbus, the solo force behind the band, was on her game both calm and explosive. After a funky live soundcheck, Garbus and her backing band of bass and two saxophones jumped into a set made up of songs from the album w h o k i l l. Merrill loops drums herself, sometimes vocals as well, and sings in a repetitive belting shriek. I loved how conducive their style was to a live outdoor show. People were doing the hippie ‘feel-the-vibes’ dance as well as the tribal bump and bounce. I loved the live version of ‘Gangsta’ and the single ‘Bizness.’ Here's a taste.

2 thoughts on “Pitchfork Redux Part 1: tUnE-yArDs, get tribal

  1. What about her incredibly awkward banter with the crowd?

    I always enjoy having my social self-confidence rise by listening to someone more awkward than me.

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