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  • Someone's Missing
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  • Witches
    by: Blackbird Raum
    album: Purse Seine
  • Dreaming Cowboy
    by: Sally Timms
    album: Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... for Lost Buckaroos
  • Newjack
    by: Justice
    album: Cross
  • Metal Hand
    by: Damaged Bug
    album: Hubba Bubba
  • Take it Easy
    by: Surfer Blood
    album: Astrocoast
  • Wake Me Up
    by: Roam
    album: Roam
  • Chinaberry Tree
    by: Mew
    album: And The Glass Handed Kites
  • Schemes Of The Tails
    by: Melt
    album: Banana
  • Nattoppet
    by: DetektivbyrŚn
    album: unknown

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Click here or press play below to listen to an interview with Reginald Dwayne Betts at Lake Forest College, conducted by Professor of English Dr. Judy Dozier.

Reginald Dwayne Betts will be speaking at Lake Forest College’s Meyer Auditorium at 7:30 pm on Thursday, November 12. Meyer Auditorium is located in Hotchkiss hall at Lake Forest College, 555 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, IL.

Although our website hasn’t been the most active site out here¬†on the world wide web, the WMXM station is as busy as ever!

We have new and returning DJs booked for most of the slots, so tune in on WMXM 88.9FM or live stream from this website to listen in. Rad tunes are always on air.

The first show we put on in September was a huge success! All of your donations for Hope For The Day helped support suicide prevention and awareness through music and the arts.

Keep an eye out for posters around campus and social media posts about our upcoming show. You can like our Facebook page and follow our Tumblr to ensure info about it reaches you.

Welcome back DJs! The school year has just started and WMXM is pumped to have its DJs back from summer break. And to all the new and returning students who aren’t part of WMXM, we want YOU!

Wednesday, September 3rd, WMXM will be at the Forester Fair on Middle Campus from 11 am to 1 pm! Come chat with WMXM DJs and learn a bit more about our community! And Tuesday, September 9th, we’ll be hosting another Recruitment meeting in the Pierson Rooms, starting at 4 pm! You’ll hear a very informative and low-tech slideshow from our faculty adviser, Park, and meet some of the Exec Board staff.

Questions? Concerns? Want to get the full experience? Stop by the WMXM studio anytime!






Time: 04/18/2014. This Friday, 8:30pm
Place: at Woody’s Lounge, in Reid Hall on Lake Forest College Middle Campus.

This show will start at 8:30 in Woody’s Lounge, the big open lounge in Reid Hall on middle campus. The show is free, but please donate money for the touring artist or buy a shirt if at all possible. Do not bring any drugs or alcohol and respect our space and others. If you’re coming from Chicago or somewhere you take the train from, the walk to the school is real easy. Walk east on Deerpath, away from town, and through triangle park. Keep on Deerpath. After you walk by the church, you’ll see the entrance to North Campus. Walk through the parking lot, following the sidewalk. Keep right on the sidewalk. Reid is the building that looks like a big church. It’ll be on your right! See you there! Email with any questions.



Anthony Sanders (of The Island of Misfit Toys):


Spoonboy is on a spring tour visiting colleges and other areas around the midwest. As guitarist/singer of the Max Levine Ensemble, they’re not unaccustomed to writing socially concsious, politically charged powerpop/pop punk. Maximum Rock n Roll describes Spoonboy as “A Poor Man’s Belle and Sebastian.”

Anthony Sanders is a local songwriter/musical mage and leader of The Island of Misfit Toys, an eclectic group falling somewhere under the umbrella of emo. Anthony’s acoustic songs are raw and emotionally transparent but with a pop edge.

I’d’ve is a new emo band from Chicago, featuring members of I’m Dead to Me and A Bathtile Green. Tyler Denim says “Their Penchant for party riffs and bummer moods have met and shaken hands and now they’re totally hanging out. So come hang out. It sounds like the bands you grew up with playing the music you’ve been hearing in your head as long as you can remember.” This is the first show for the self-declared “Kings of Pity Party Rock.”

*Visit, and do hit ‘going’ on our Facebook Event page*



WMXM is pleased to announce that CAVE will be joining the already stellar lineup for the FREE¬†event WMXM Presents: A WMXM FESTIVAL. The Full Line-up is listed below with each band’s stage and performance time.


Poster By: Ryan Duggan

Poster By: Ryan Duggan

WMXM Presents: A WMXM Music Festival Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel on the campus of Lake Forest College. (more…)


I listen to this album often enough that I feel compelled to tell WMXM about it in detail.
If you’re unfamiliar with GWAR, do a quick image search for ‘Oderus Urungus’ and we’ll be pretty much on the same page. Done? Ok. (more…)