Pigeon John

I’d like to take this moment to share my feelings toward LA Rapper Pigeon John.

I first encountered this charismatic rap master when he opened for RJD2 at the Wonder Ballroom in my hometown of Portland, OR. This was my sister’s first concert, and she eagerly anticipated seeing RJD2 drop some sick beats in that intimate setting.

When Pigeon John came on stage, she forgot all about RJD2.

Pigeon John has a way of captivating his audience with a phrase, with a smile, with the glint in his eyes. He was soon working up a sweat as he danced to his upbeat tracks, flailing his arms and thrusting his hips rhythmically as he sang.

My sister immediately bought a t-shirt and two albums.

I have listened to many of his tracks since, and my favorites include the following: “The Last Sunshine,” “Money Back Guarantee,” “Life Goes On,” and “Tapatio,” an ode to my favorite hot sauce.

I saw him open for another band a few years later and he was just as much fun.

We have his newest album, Dragon Slayer, on the shelf. Check out track one, “The Bomb,” for a fun hip hop experience. That’s what Pigeon John is all about.

Miss Cleo

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