Interview with Chapel!

While they were on tour with Against The Current, I was fortunate enough to sit down and talk with Kortney Grinwis and Carter Hardin of the band Chapel before they performed at Chop Shop in Chicago. Many thanks to Chapel for taking the time to talk about everything from their upcoming musical ventures and life advice to bowling and (almost) seeing Ant-Man in an airport.

KG: I’m Kortney and I play drums.

CH: I’m Carter and I try to do stuff.

WMXM: Anybody who’s into music in any way, there’s always one moment in their life – maybe it was a song or an album or a concert – where it just kind of clicked and they’re like “Music is actually really cool,” or maybe “Hey, I want to do this with my life.” What was that moment for you, that “click” moment?

KG: For me it was definitely when I went to see Jimmy Eat World and Paramore when I was like 13. And…I mean, anyone who sees Hayley Williams is like “Damn, I wanna do that.” So that kinda sold it for me

CH: Yeah, I saw the Backstreet Boys when I was 7 and I was like “Oh, this is tight.” And that dude, Nick Carter, for some reason I thought we were related ‘cause we had the same name. I was f***in’ stupid. But that was the moment for sure. That and I saw Fall Out Boy when I was, like, 12. It was them, All-American Rejects, and Hawthorne Heights, which is a weird package, but yeah, those were the moments for sure.

WMXM: Would you say those bands were your bigger musical inspirations, or do you have any other bands?

CH: I think when I was, like, 13 for sure, ‘cause I was like…I wore hats more-


KG: You wear a hat every day!

CH: No, yeah, but that one dude did so that’s what I did. But, um…I forgot my train of thought.


KG: I was into a lot of Relient K. I used to have this chair in my room and I’d set up books and buckets and I would pretend to play along.

CH: To Relient K?

KG: To Relient K!

WMXM: Cool!

KG: Oh yeah, “Be My Escape,” that song was a hit!

CH: That’s tight. For me it was, like, Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 but my friends gave me sh*t ‘cause they were into, like, Sum 41. Those were definitely – my high school years, those bands were the influence for sure. And then I grew up. (laugh)

KG: Oh, whatever!


WMXM: So, just kind of diving into it, you guys are gonna release a new album soon. Is there anything at all that you can say without spoiling too much?

CH: Dude, I’ve been trying to spoil stuff every day! (laughter) I’m tired of waiting. I do know that we’re dropping a new song when this tour is over. We were gonna try to put it out when this [tour] happened but it didn’t work out, but then we’ve been told the album should be out in the summer.

WMXM: Not to pry too much, is there gonna be a release date for the two new songs you’ve been playing on tour, “Friends” and “Mushy Gushy”?

CH: I think “Friends” is coming out first.

KG: Yeah, they told us May.

CH: “Mushy Gushy” was the first song we got done so that’s why we’ve been playing it, but I don’t know if that one will come out as a single. But “Friends” is definitely coming out soon.

KG: And then hopefully the rest of it by, like…we’re hoping August at the latest.

WMXM: Are you thinking about doing a headlining tour of any kind?

KG: Oh, absolutely!

CH: I mean, that’d be tight ‘cause we only have, like, seven songs now. I think if we got to that point, yeah, we’d be down.

WMXM: And then, with touring, it can be any band or artist – living or dead, broken up or still together – the dream collaboration and dream tour lineup?

KG: Ooh! I was actually just thinking about this yesterday. One, I would love to meet with Fleetwood Mac, and then…what was the other question?

WMXM: Dream collaboration and dream tour lineup?

KG: Dream tour lineup – I was just thinking about this – tour lineup, I would definitely say VHS Collection…

CH: What? That’s new!

KG: Glass Animals…

CH: Oh!

KG: Courtship…

CH: Oh!!

KG: (clap) And us. That would be so sick!

CH: Nice! But what about collab, who would you want to collab with?

KG: I mean, Stevie Nicks, man.

CH: My dream tour would be us, Imagine Dragons ‘cause I’m a white girl at heart-

KG: Ooh, Imagine Dragons would be sick!

CH: Us, Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, and…f***in, what’s the other band? (rubbing face in confusion)


CH: (voice muffled) I don’t know…I don’t know! (normal voice) I’m just thinking, that’s the show I would wanna watch. Oh, I would love to collaborate with Andre 3000 or someone like that. He would never do it – oh, oh! Also, I wrote a song that’s perfect for T-Pain and I’ve been trying to tweet him so he’d listen to me. It’s called “Dulce de Leche,” I think he would kill it.

KG: He totally would!

CH: But yeah, I’m gonna try to find him. I know that sounds creepy, but he Instagrams from this sushi spot in Atlanta and he always leaves his Geotag up. I’m like “You’re so stupid,” ‘cause I’m gonna roll in there with a flash drive and be like “Oh, what’s this?”


KG: Just slip it, like, in his pocket!

CH: I’d be like “Shawtyyyy!” That’s literally my dream collab. Everything he did when I was in high school, all his songs I thought were bops. He’s so dirty, he can get away with it, too. That’s very interesting, especially at this time. But yeah, that’s my dream collab.

KG: (laughs) “At this time.”

CH: Wait – can I change it? Okay, Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, K.Flay, and then T-Pain!

KG: Nice!

CH: That would – oh, and us!


WMXM: Yeah, I was like, “Wait, are you in this lineup?”
CH: “Not us, I just wanna go watch this!” No, but that would be stacked!

WMXM: For getting into songwriting and creating everything, what’s the most unexpected place you’ve found inspiration? Musically, lyrically, anything.

CH: For me, it’s when you’re not trying to find it. I have this studio spot near my home, that’s where a lot of the writing went down besides when we went to Brooklyn. Being there, there were some ideas, but mostly the car ride back home is when everything started clicking. Or when I’m, like, walking outside. It’s literally places you where wouldn’t expect it! Like, the hook for “Mushy Gushy” I thought of when I was in the drive-thru for Arby’s. You just never know when it’s gonna strike, and I think that’s tight.

WMXM: Nice! I wouldn’t have guessed Arby’s drive-thru…

CH: Well, I was playing the instrumental over and over and I was eating and then I hummed [the hook] and then…yeah! Literally anywhere, I think that’s cool.

KG: I feel like I usually get ideas when I’m about to fall asleep. All the time, and that’s the worst. (laughter) Yeah, like, I don’t want to move, I’m too lazy, but I don’t want to lose it.

CH: That’s, like, the opposite of what’s happening now ‘cause I’m 57 (laughter) ‘cause I used to be a night person like Kortney – she’s, uh, 20.


KG: 20 and 57!

CH: I used to be like that and I used to think my ideas were sick and then I woke up like “Oh, this is awful,” but lately I’ve been a morning dude. If I want anything creative to happen, it has to happen, like, (snap) right when I wake up. ‘Cause anything at night I think is dope, then I wake up and I’m like “This is trash, I’m trash, I should quit.”

(laughter and “Aw”s)

CH: (to Kortney) But yeah, cool, I didn’t know that about you!

WMXM: Of all the songs that you’ve written so far, what’s been the hardest to write?

CH: Oh! That’s…(pause)…interesting. Because the EP was kind of…it was great songs and whatever, this record is so vulnerable that it’s actually scary for me to put out in some ways. I mean, there are some goofy songs like “Mushy” and stuff like that, but I think we’re a funny, goofy band and I thought when we were gonna do the record, that’s what was gonna come out. Then, listening back to everything like that, I’m like “This is some pretty…on-the-nose stuff to where I feel like I have to move out of my hometown.”

(light laughs)

CH: There’s a song called “Christian Girls” and I am /terrified/ to put that one out just because I’m from the South and it’s the Bible Belt and it’s about certain women I’ve dated and stuff like that. But that stuff – I’m just afraid, but I have to do it.

KG: It’s /art/.

CH: It’s one of those things where I’ll feel good when it’s out, but then also I’ll turn off my phone for a couple weeks.


WMXM: It’s definitely good to be vulnerable, especially in music.

CH: Yeah. I just didn’t realize how much of…yeah, I don’t know. It’s just crazy.

WMXM: So which song is the hardest to perform live, and which one are you most excited to perform live?

CH: The hardest one – from the record, I don’t know yet ‘cause we’ve only played two, but I’m sure there are gonna be some hard ones. Hardest one for me ‘cause I’m winded – (to Kortney) and you, probably – is “Cindy White.”

KG: Oh, definitely.

CH: Just ‘cause it’s so much. And then…did you say what’s your favorite one?

WMXM: Which one are you most excited to perform live?

CH: Most excited, um…shoot, there’s two for me. [Kortney]’s gonna hate it. There’s a song called “Oh My God” that’s coming out, and then there’s a song called “Itty Bitty” that’s gonna be tight.

KG: “Itty Bitty” is gonna be sick!

CH: Oh, and “Today”!

KG: Oh, “Today” is gonna be sick too!

CH: Okay, so I just leaked three songs. So there’s three songs that I’m f***ing /hyped/ to play just ‘cause it’s all high energy and it’s all blunt lyrics too and – ahh, I’m just so excited! Those three, for sure.

WMXM: So it was “Itty Bitty,” “Oh My God,” and…

CH and KG: “Today.”

WMXM: “Today,” alright!

CH: Yeah, so there’s a song called “Itty Bitty” and then there’s a song called “Mushy Gushy,” so…I’m surprised we’re not dropped. (laugh)

KG: I would say live /now/ though, on this tour specifically, “Mushy” is definitely my favorite to play. It’s just got that groove, I love it.

CH: Yeah, that one’s definitely fun.

WMXM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? It doesn’t have to be musically, but if it is, that’s cool.


CH: (to Kortney) Do you get advice – no, I’m just kidding.


KG: The first thing that came to mind was…I don’t know who, but someone told me to learn how to, like, take sh*t, you know? Just kinda suck it up. Especially touring and being a new band and stuff, a lot of times you do get the “bottom of the barrel” sh*t and you’ve just gotta be thankful for what you’re doing and learn to take the sh*t that you get handed and just kinda move on from that.

CH: And /mine/ is “don’t take sh*t,” right?


CH: Hers is “Take sh*t,” mine is like “Nah.”


CH: But yeah, I guess the thing I’ve been living by is, like, actually the polar opposite of that, and I think it’s cause I’m getting older now. It’s definitely just about caring less about, like, what people expect from you, and it’s easier to get like that when you get older for sure, ‘cause I don’t give a /sh*t/.

KG: He really doesn’t.


CH: And I think everybody will get to that at some point, and I think once you get that, you’ll be a little more free in your life. So, that’s my two cents.

KG: (deadpan, sarcastically) Cool. Thanks.


CH: (sarcastically, to Kortney) You’re /so/ young, like- (laugh)

WMXM: These are a couple of questions from Rachel (sent in on Twitter). This first one’s not actually a question, but this is a quote: “Carter kinda looks like a dad who’s about to go bowling in a league and Kortney is his slightly rebellious gay daughter.”

KG: Yes! I love that! Probably the most accurate thing anyone’s ever told us. “Rebellious gay daughter.”
WMXM: “Dad bowling in a league,” that’s, like…that’s an aesthetic.

KG: He’s a really bad bowler, though.

CH: Yeah, I am.

WMXM: So am I.

CH: Really?

WMXM: Yeah, every time it’s without the bumpers, I’m like “I’m gonna f*** up.”


CH: [Kortney] literally made us bowl in Europe the last time we were there with our entire crew that didn’t know how to bowl either just so she could show us all up.

KG: I did. (laugh)

CH: We paid $50 just to watch her bowl, basically.


KG: I was the only one!

WMXM: You know in Wii bowling, if you let the ball go when you swing it back and everyone jumps up and freaks out? I actually did that once!

KG: (Gasp)

CH: Wait, with a real ball?

WMXM: Yeah! I didn’t hurt anybody, but my friend understood immediately and jumped up.

CH: Yikes! My grandpa did that. Dude, my grandpa can’t go bowling with us anymore. Every single time my grandpa comes with us, he falls!

KG and WMXM: Aww!

CH: Yeah, it’s kinda funny. I mean, I love the dude, but it’s, like, every single time. I’m like “Godd*mn, what are you f***in’ doing?”

KG: He just, like, slips?

CH: Yeah, he’s just falling!

KG: It is slippery, though.

CH: It’s not /that/ slippery! It’s always f***in’ him, it’s been four times!


KG: We can all just stop going bowling. (laugh)

WMXM: Next question: What do you love and hate most about touring?

KG: I love being in a different city every day, I think that’s sick. And then, obviously, I hate being away from my family the most and…not having my bed, not having a shower, that type of stuff.

CH: Oh, I don’t hate that at all, I love that. (laughter) I’m just kidding. I love, now that we’ve been a little bit of a /thing/, that people know our stuff, so playing shows now is like – yeah, we’re still working for other fans and stuff like that, but there’s a small percentage of people that know it, so that feels good. I definitely love seeing people that like our stuff when they come out, that’s awesome. And then meeting new peeps. (Kortney agrees) I hate driving.

KG: Carter loves driving.

CH: I hate it. I actually don’t mind – I love my family, but when I’m in the U.S. I don’t miss home as much just ‘cause it’s like…

KG: You’re closer.

CH: It’s kinda close if you fly.

KG: It’s more accessible, yeah.

CH: But overseas I’m like, “I wish I was home.” But I do love overseas, oh my God. Yeah, I just hate the driving, that sucks.

KG: Yeah, long drives.

CH: I just wanna make /stupid/ money one day to where I just have five drivers, right? So there’s one on tour, one when I’m home…and then three other ones that are just on leave.


WMXM: They’re just on call whenever you want?

CH: Yeah, yeah. They all have to be named Scott.

KG: Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3…


CH: Scott, Scotty, Scottie with a “t-i-e.”

WMXM: And two other variations of Scotty…just numbers, like you (Kortney) said?

CH: Yeah, Scott 1 and Scott 2.

WMXM: Alright, sweet! What’s the coolest interaction you’ve had with a fan or a group of fans?

KG: My favorite is when the gays come up to me and just…I don’t know, it’s literally my favorite thing in the world. Especially when I can tell that they aren’t comfortable or “out,” necessarily, at home, and then they come here and it’s like they’re totally free, open space. I don’t know, you can just tell, and that’s definitely one of my favorite things.

(Carter clapping)

KG: (quietly) Yes, the gays!

WMXM: The gays!

CH: There’s actually this one fan group that I love a lot. It’s these three people that always come to our Arizona shows, it’s this mom and this younger dude and this dad, but they’re not all related.

KG: Yeah, oh my God!

CH: And that’s not even crazy, there are just some sweet people that are about it that you meet and it’s awesome.

WMXM: So far, in your entire career, what’s the coolest show you’ve played?


CH: London last tour with The Faim was probably one of my favorites.

KG: Yeah, London with The Faim. Or I’d say…probably stage AE with Pierce the Veil, that was sick. That was massive.

CH: Oh yeah! London, for me, I remember the most ‘cause it was a certain time back when we-

KG: (imitating how quickly he said back) “Beck.”

CH: “Baeck.”


CH: And you could see some growth, which was kinda nice, and everybody was pretty hyped.

KG: And it was sold out, like 700 kids in there.

CH: And our banter was actually good.


WMXM: Was it more – last time at Subterranean, I just remember the Vine references.

KG: Oh, they’re still here!

CH: Yeah, when it doubt, whip ‘em out.

WMXM: Do you have a favorite vine? I’m curious.

CH: The “I love you, bitch” one is still my favorite, and then “Oh my God, they were roommates.” It’s those two.

KG: I still don’t understand.

CH: It’s literally – you can just go to Youtube dot com backslash Browse and type in “Vine compilation” and you’re fine as s***.

WMXM: How about – who’s most likely to hurt themselves on stage.

CH: Me.

KG: Carter. He whips himself everywhere.

CH: What does that – what?

KG: You just whip your little body everywhere! All around, jumping, hopping.

CH: It’s definitely me, or if it’s Kortney it’d be something small but she’ll make it sound like she f***ing died.

KG: Actually, one of my biggest fears on stage: I’ve had a drummer friend who was drumming, the stick broke, literally went straight in their eyeball.

WMXM: Ohhhh God!

CH: What?!

KG: Yeah, Ryan Burt, Amity Affliction, he had to go straight to the hospital. So that’s definitely my biggest fear.

WMXM: Yeah, that’s crazy!

CH: I think mine’s falling asleep on the stage.

KG: Oh my God…

CH: What?


WMXM: Just immediately falling asleep?

CH: If she’s doing a drum solo or something like that and I’m just tired that day…


KG: He’s just down and out.

CH: (laughing) I’m just on the floor!

WMXM: She’s gonna throw the drumstick at you.

CH: And hit my f***in’ eye. No!

WMXM: I have three “yay or nay” questions, they just seem to be ‘divisive’ topics in some way. First off, pineapple on pizza, yay or nay?

KG: Yay!

CH: Yay!

WMXM: Yes! Sleeping while wearing socks?

KG: Nay.

CH: Yay, if it’s cold as sh*t.

KG: Any time I do, I don’t know why or how but I wake up with one of them off. Every single time.

CH: I’ve done that on tour ‘cause our van gets kinda cold, but at home, no. Nay.

KG: (laugh) Nay-ver.

WMXM: And candy corn, yay or nay?

CH: Nay.

KG: Nay! I don’t understand, just eat popcorn!

CH: Popcorn?

KG: Oh wait, candy corn? That’s the little candy stripes-

WMXM: The triangles.

KG: Oh, okay. Those /are/ better than Peeps, though. Just saying.

CH: (laughing) “Don’t’ eat candy corn, just eat popcorn.” Same difference!

KG: I was thinking of – what’s it called, uh…

WMXM: Caramel corn?

KG: Caramel corn. UGH.

CH: Nah, candy corn is trash.

KG: Candy corn is okay. It reminds me of when I was a kid.

WMXM: I only like it around, like, Halloween, for the nostalgia.

CH: Man, I hope that’s the only people eat that sh*t! You think people are poppin’ candy corn during, like, July or Spring Break?

WMXM: Do you have a favorite classic rock artist?

CH: Um…I’ll be honest with you; no. I don’t think so. I feel like if I said I did, I’d be lying.

KG: As of recent…I mean, I’m gonna be the most basic b*tch ever and say Queen, just ‘cause they’ve got some hits, man.

CH: Just ‘cause she watched the biopic and now everybody-

KG: Wait, there’s a movie? (laugh)

CH: I’m not gonna lie, my entire family got back into Queen after that movie came out, so I’m about that.

KG: They’ve got some bangers, man.

CH: They really do!

KG: Ooh – or can I say Johnny Cash?

WMXM: Yeah, definitely!

KG: I’ll say Johnny Cash.

WMXM: That kinda goes into my next question: do you have a favorite artist who is currently dead?

CH: Oh yeah, Prince. I had a ticket to go see him – he was playing the Fox Theatre in 2016 right before he passed and that was the last show that he played and I gave my tickets away (KG gasps) because I had to down to Florida and I was like “Oh, it’s whatever.” He played that show, flew home, and that’s when he passed. So that was a f***ing bummer!

KG: Wow…that’s biggest regret of your life, I think.


CH: Well, one.

KG: I would think so.

CH: For sure, it was such a bummer. That one was one of the only celebrity deaths that actually bothered me for a minute.

KG: Or Mac [Miller].

WMXM: Do you have any strange fears? Other than the drumstick in the eye. (laugh)

KG: I’m gonna answer for Carter, and Carter can answer for me. I feel like his biggest fear is a car accident or a plane going down.

CH: I’m almost positive that’s kind of anybody’s fear.

KG: I mean, it’s not the number one that I would say.

CH: I think Kortney’s biggest fear is if she goes somewhere that doesn’t have alcohol.

KG: I knew that was coming.

CH: (getting close to the recorder) Did ya get that? (laughs) Nah, I’m just kidding. I don’t know what your f***ing fear is!

KG: That’s fair, that’s a good fear. I hate bugs. Any bugs, I-I can’t. Any type of insect – no.

CH: Oh, I think my biggest fear is that I can’t do nothing, ‘cause I love doing nothing.

(pause, then laughter)

CH: That’s bad…

KG: (in a funny voice) We’re cool people!

WMXM: What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?

CH: Um…Kortney got called a boy.

KG: I was just gonna say! I feel like I’ve been called handsome before. I mean, I’ll take it, whatever. That’s cool.

CH: Someone said that – it’s not strange, it’s more like a backhanded compliment – someone was like “You look way smarter with your glasses on!” and I was like ”…Cool.”

KG: I forgot who it was but someone was like “Last time I saw you guys, you kinda sucked, but this time you were good!”
CH: Yeah, someone straight-up told me that in Lansing! “It wasn’t that good but now it’s pretty good.” I was like ‘Why don’t you just not tell me that?’ But they kept it real, so yeah.

WMXM: When’s the last time you cried at a movie?

KG: Shit, I watched something last night…

CH: What did I cry to?


KG: The only thing that keeps popping in my brain is “The Blind Side.”

CH: You cried during “The Blind Side”?!

KG: I haven’t seen it in years! (laughter)

CH: That should be your bio. I don’t remember the last time I cried in a movie.

KG: It was some type of love bullsh*t, I don’t know. I’m sensitive.

CH: Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think I did.

KG: “Spider-Man.”

CH: I didn’t cry during “Spider-Man.”

KG: He cried during “Spider-Man.”

WMXM: Wait, which one?

CH: The Gwen Stacy one was sad as s***.

WMXM: Ohhhh, that one.

CH: Yeah, but I didn’t cry. I don’t think I cry during movies.

KG: (quietly) He does.

WMXM: Rather than talking about long-term future goals for the band, do you have any short-term goals? Anything in the near future you’re planning or hoping for?

CH: I mean, putting out the record. That’s short ‘torm.’

KG: “Short torm.”

WMXM: “Short torm.”


KG: Short term goal…I guess to do our first headliner and have it be…

CH: Dope.
KG: Decent, at least.

WMXM: Do you both have tattoos?

CH: Just Kortney.

WMXM: Do you wanna talk about any of them, if they have any stories or big meanings?

KG: I guess my favorite one – I have one on my leg that I actually got done in Switzerland the first time we were in Europe. That alone is just f***ing awesome, and it’s by far the best quality that I have, I think. It was by an artist who has kind of followed me for a little bit with the drumming stuff on YouTube. He lives in Switzerland and never thought-

CH: (laughing) Sorry, you said Switzer-LAND.

KG: Switzer-LAND! (laugh) He never thought I’d make it over there and I finally did. He came out and it was so cool meeting him. The whole day and the experience was just – it was awesome. It’s a girl kinda covering her mouth with the Swiss flags, like, in the eyes. It’s…I guess, symbolically, supposed to be me driving through the mountains on the way to the show, just in complete awe. And she has headphones on and…yeah, I love it.

WMXM: Awesome! When was the last time you were star struck?


KG: When I met GucciHighWaters on this tour.

(GHW is sitting across the room)
GHW: That was a sweet answer.

CH: You’re like “That’s me!”


CH: We did a tour with Waterparks, like, a year ago and there were two things that happened: One, we were at the airport, we were leaving for the UK – and Kortney always talks about how she wants to see someone famous. We were getting checked and she got pulled aside because she had the Pelican full of our stuff. She was getting searched or whatever and I was waiting for her, and then Michael Douglas walks by! But I forgot that’s his name and I just remember him from “Ant-Man,” so I just whispered “Ant-Man…” when he walked by. I told her about it and she was like “No way!”

Fast forward a few months, we were in New York and we all wanted Chipotle and – I was walking back to the venue and they stayed – I was walking down and I saw Steve Harrington from “Stranger Things” come by. I was like “What the f***?!” and then I turned around and took a picture of his head because it’s so godd*mn big with that hair, just for proof. That was one where I was like /for real/ for real ‘cause I was all about “Stranger Things” then, that was crazy.

KG: I still need to see a famous person. Never in my life, not once. I really wanna see Bieber. That’s just a thing, I don’t know.

WMXM: Just to say you did?

CH: Just to say you did.

KG: Just to say I did.

WMXM: Do you have any hidden talents?

CH: I think I can parallel park.

(Kortney laughs)

WMXM: That is a talent! That’s hard.

CH: Yeah, that’s probably my favorite thing (laughs) ‘cause I hate driving. (To Kortney) What’s yours?

KG: Um…not basic /at all/, I can juggle.

CH: Oh yeah, I forgot!

KG: I played violin for nine years. I always forget that…

CH: Okay, Yellowcard.

WMXM: Is there any one thing that you have on the bus at all times? Maybe like a strange thing?

KG: (with Carter talking at the same time) I’m so sensitive, I have- (laughter)

KG: (alone) I have a few different little, like…one’s a stone, one’s this little hacky sack type thing, one’s this jewel-type thing that’s from Greece. Just little weird, like…I don’t even know what you’d call those, just little comfort things. I have a couple of those throughout the van, it’s just one of those weird things I like to have on me.

CH: I’ve got a weighted blanket, but it keeps falling out of the bunk so it’s so heavy to pull it back up. And then our dumb merch guy Steve keeps grabbing it…

(Note: Steve is in the room)


CH: (getting close to the recorder) He’s very smart! For the record, he’s very smart!

WMXM: Since this is for a radio station: if you had a DJ name, what would it be?

KG: Coco Brews!


CH: That sucks.

KG: Shut the f***-!


KG: That’s a bad*ss name! What’s yours, beat it. Let’s go.

CH: Um…DJ…

KG: Caca. (laughs)

CH: DJ… d*mn it! Uh…DJ Your Boy. (laughs) DJ Your Boy!

WMXM: Last question: when you’re done with your set tonight, what would you want the main takeaway from your set to be? What message do you want to be in the audience’s head at the end of your set?

CH: Like, “Oh, that was fun.” Nothing over the top, like “OH MY GOD!”, more like “Yo, that was a good time.”

KG: For me, I’d want people to be inspired. We kinda just put it all out there on the stage and hope that someone will be inspired and motivated by that and go home and want to and…I don’t know, (dramatic voice) pick up whatever they have lost so many years ago! (normal voice) I don’t f***ing know, that was deep!

CH: Their dog!

KG: Yeah!

CH: Pick up their dog they lost so many years ago!


WMXM: I think that’s about everything, thank you so much!

CH: Cool! (moves close to the recorder one last time) The album is called-

(audio ends)

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