Artist Profile: Conformist

Here at WMXM we were fortunate to get to ask UK artist Conformist some questions, and we are proud to present his artist profile!

WMXM: For our readers and listeners who have never heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

Conformist: Cut N’ Paste Trash-Can Electronics

WMXM: How long have you been making music, and has it always been in this sort of alt-electronic style?

Conformist: I started getting into audio manipulation when i was about 8 years old when i realised that by dragging a vinyl record on a turn table i could affect the sound. I started using a cassette deck to do primitive multitasking and later got into record samples from other records and TV. Later on i bought a Yamaha SU10 sampler i started making demos. Originally i was less Electronic and more Hip Hop, quite inspired by artists such as Steinski.

Who (or what) inspires you to make music, and who has had the most influence on your sound?

Influences come from all around. I take a lot from modern social media, how people behave online, that usually triggers a thought or feeling which i then try to express in a melody or loop.

Your latest album, Lifestyle Revised, came out today. Which song off the album means the most to you/is your favorite and why?

Probably “Nothing Important Happened Today”, the idea of which is essentially inspired by my best friend Paul who committed suicide awhile back. So that track holds the most significance for myself.

A lot of artists live by a philosophy of putting out an album and leaving it alone. What made you want to re-interpret your songs from Lifestyle Bible (released in 2016)?

I felt that each of the songs on Lifestyle Bible could’ve gone in other directions than the versions on the albums. Rather than myself do this i thought it would be more fun to get other artists input. All the artists featured on the record did a fantastic job.

Who in the music industry (maybe not necessarily in your genre) are you curious about/interested in right now?

At the moment i really like Oneohtrix Point Never. He’s not afraid to do exactly what he wants and doesn’t try to pander to current Electronic music trends. Totally cool.

If you could plan your dream collaboration with one other artist, who would it be and why?

Tom Jenkinson of Squrepusher would be ideal. A huge talent, always different but always recognisable.

How have you seen your career and your music progress so far? How do you hope they progress in the future?

Honestly my career is highs and lows, somewhat of a struggle sometimes, sometimes great fun. I always push on regardless. My career is all of my own doing so that I’m proud of. No record label, no manager etc. Records do not sell and streaming royalty payments are minimal so it can be tough financially. I lose significant money on every album release.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans (or to our listeners who are starting to gain interest) about what they can expect from you and your music in the coming year or so?

Thanks very much for your interest in Conformist. I hope i can make music to inspired you, in the same way i am inspired by other artists. Conformist will be putting out new material before the end of 2018.


To check out Conformist’s music on Spotify, click here!


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