“Teenage” Dream: Say Hello to Tennis System

Imagine you’re living in Chicago. It’s summertime, and asphalt is making it twice as hot as it should be. All you want to do is ride your bike, maybe feel the wind in your hair, but you can’t because your bike is broken and you’re too broke to fix it. So what do you do? Stay inside with your A/C and the internet. Tumblr, StumbleUpon, anything to keep you entertained when it’s a weekday and you’re not at work. Everything is boring. Until you come across a small music blog and see this:

Absolutely infectious, right? That’s how I felt. This dreamy little video for the ditty “Hey, We Tried”–directed by the young and incredibly talented Robert Orlowski–pointed me to Tennis System, an L.A.-based group with a noise pop sound, romantic lyrics, and the energy that any good rock band should have. I became hooked, and I wanted more. Fortunately, Tennis System has been working diligently on releasing their forthcoming album, Teenagers (due out October 18th), which features songs like “Hey, We Tried,” as well as their new single, “Arcane.”

Following Tennis System’s three-week promotional tour for Teenagers, the Internet has been creating a bit of noise about the band. And rightly so! The video for “Arcane” was featured on the Filter Magazine website, Bowlegs Music featured an interview with the band on their website, and several small music blogs have been making sure the singles spread like wildfire.

I was fortunate enough to meet the band during their two-day stint in Chicago, when they invited me to join them at their Crown Tap Room and Beauty Bar performances (which reminds me, if you have a moment, check out the Sounds of Kaleidoscope. Blew me away at Beauty Bar that night!). Having met them and heard their story, I can say with confidence that not only does this band kill it with their live performance, but also that they have a lot of heart. They are passionate about what they do, and they aren’t going down quietly.

Wednesday, October 12th at 8 pm, I will be airing an interview with Tennis System, in celebration of the release ofTeenagers. To hear more about Tennis System, and how their album came to be, tune into next week’s show.

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