DJ Maxwell Stern Releases ‘Timedraft EP’ as Euphorm (04.25.11)

Maxwell Stern, also known as Euphorm, is an electronic producer and DJ from Chicago. His passion for experimental electronics developed through his exposure to the midwest rave scene as a teenager. As a DJ, he currently spins dub and downtempo at Lake Forest College’s WMXM 88.9FM radio station.

‘Timedraft’ shows Stern’s subdued, organic approach to ambient and micro-house textures. Colorblind starts things off with an insistent rhythm before a series of drones fade into a gentle rainstorm. The EP’s title track conjures a collage of noir-ish beauty, before Essence Unlock reveals a tense, hypnotic loop that weaves in and out of sync with a pulsing drumbeat. Promises meanders into slow-motion introspection; finally, the soothing warm percussion of Blue Dream pushes through one last dreamscape.


Timedraft EP by Euphorm
Released by Moment Sound Label (Chicago).


2 thoughts on “DJ Maxwell Stern Releases ‘Timedraft EP’ as Euphorm (04.25.11)

  1. Maxwell’s writing is fintastac. I read his stuff in conjunction with John Collins who wrote good to great . You should give that one a read as well if you’re interested.

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