floating with real people

I’m interested in that moment when the rest of the world stops because all that matters is what you’re hearing. it’s hard to describe what real beauty sounds like, so i’m not really going to try. I do know the feeling is certainly comparable to the inexplicable sublimity I experience while listening to bands like Sigur Ros… and well.. there are not many others.  In this moment, I am so overwhelmed don’t know whether to cry, or to laugh because all hopelessness falls away (these feelings happen simultaneously, you’ll see). i will not force you to suffer through anymore of this rambling, (although i did think up a lovely tangent about higher consciousness, but i spare you).

nevertheless, what am i talking about?

Ever heard of Beirut? as in the Eastern European-influence, Balkan Folk musician created by Zach Condon? i surely hope so! If you haven’t, the rest of this post is irrelevant so i would stop reading and find a way to listen through his debut album Gulag Orkestra to understand. But this post isn’t about Beirut, it’s about something that came before. As it turns out, Condon did exist prior to the design of current project Beirut. Condon worked on something so subtle that the one album produced by this group was never released, it is not for sale, and all of the tracks are untitled. Frustrated yet? the project was titled “Real People”, and it dabbles in the surreal electro sounds we know to be possible, with the occasional lyrical addition of Condon’s dreamy voice. The style of this project reflects more closely Beirut’s most recent album March of the Zopotec (2009), but is almost unrecognizable in relation to most of Beirut’s work. Either way, i have never heard anything like it really, and i still don’t really understand it. I have included one of the untitled tracks, and I implore you to take a listen. The saddest thing is that these tracks are seemingly impossible to find in MP3 version, it seems they are even too beautiful to be contained.

cheers. (and if anyone does happen to find a link to download the mp3’s, send it along!)

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  1. I absolutely love the new website design; it is modern, edgy but very professional. You have evolved to much more than a college radio station design!

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