Charm me, Man

Epic sound, epic style, epic movement, epic FOUR YEARS.

The Smiths, ever heard of them? Yeah, me too. Our favorite deceivingly upbeat, and harmonious depressed boys of one the most memorable 8o’s bands were only together for 4 short years. Shocking, I know. Between the years of 1984 and 1987, The Smiths, out of Manchester and lead by lead vocalist Morrissey (yes the coolest people only have first names), released one album each year. Although only together for a short time, this group perfected the art of living ambivalently and successfully, and having really cool hair. I bring up the Smiths today of all days, for no particular reason. Beyond the fact that their message perfectly reflects the apathetic state of my week, and so I decided to play This Charming Man on my show today. I’ve included here a lovely video that adequately describes the world the smiths created for themselves to live in, and for us to admire from afar.



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