WTF (what the FUNK)

hey all, I’m Tyler, and I have a problem. I’m addicted to the groove. Today I did a WTF show. What the FUNK. Disco may not be your cup of tea, but everyone’s got some jive in their blood. Less of a musical genre and more of a feelin’, funk represents the most visceral and bodily of all music. So tell me kings and queens: when is the last time you were a slave to the beat? Are you secretly waiting for George Clinton to perform at a venue near you? I know I am. Get down on that comment box and let me know your favorite thick-nasty grooves. Tell us all your signature funk-licious dance moves. You know it cuz it just feels right.

One thought on “WTF (what the FUNK)

  1. know what funks me up? the budos band, antibalas afrobeat orchestra, the meters, galactic, the bamboos . . . awwww yeeeaaahh

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