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  • Nights In White Satin
    by: The Moody Blues
    album: Original Oldies 60's & 70's
  • Nights In White Satin
    by: The Moody Blues
    album: Original Oldies 60's & 70's

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The Drunkest Show Go-er on Earth

Thursday, September 23, 2010  |  Author:

Flora & Fauna here.Before we lodge into a full-blown discourse dedicated to Kristian Matsson of “the Tallest Man on Earth” (and his skinny little legs!), we would first like to pose a question: is it acceptable, at an intimate acoustic-folk concert, to drunkenly heckle the sole performer from within the crowd, thus ruining the visceral experience for fellow show goers? Consider even, the performer, who feels obligated but reluctant to acknowledge the belligerent individual. Being the object of collective affection makes it difficult for a one-man-show to deliver the energy expected from a full band, while catering to the needs of one attention starved drunkard. Some inappropriate behavior of a drunken attendee may include, but is not limited to: clanking beer bottles together as a form of applauds, making suggestive comments to/about the performer, or TALKING EXTREMELY LOUD during the particularly emotional numbers. How do we, as an audience, deal with this menace? Do we ban together and forcefully crowd surf the inebriated to the nearest exit, or do we remain passive out of respect for the beloved performer? How do you feel? Send us your thoughts![To read our full review of the TMoE show, go to]xoF&F

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