Gotta Love the Ladies.

Hey chillin’. Dj Tyler at your service. I played a few bands in my set today that have some kickass girls out front singing. I played the Kills who are fronted by Alison Mosshart, a devilish and seductive singer. She also fronts the Jack White supergroup The Dead Weather. I played some old Crystal Castles. Anyone whose seen them live knows that Alice Glass is one hell of a “performer”. I was talking to one of my friends earlier (a woman herself) and she told me that she can’t stand female singers or rappers. Is there a double standard in the music world? or do females rock harder than the guys? Tell me what you guys think. Tell me your favorite female singer. Mine is definitely Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star. Karen O might give her some competition though. COMMENT SHARE!!!

One thought on “Gotta Love the Ladies.

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