I apologize for not posting last Sunday but here it is:Deftones: I’ve been listening to them for about 10 years. And never have they ever disappointed me.My older brother introduced them to me when I was only 9! (I never like “boy bands” or Christina Aguilera). I remember the first song was “Be Quiet and Drive”, this was also the first song I learned to play on bass and guitar. It was the first song that we performed (My brothers and I were in band…stfu).Anyone that knows me personally, knows how much I love these guys. I don’t think they fit to any specific genre but they are often categorized in “nu-metal.” They have truly opened a new genre, the front man Chino Moreno has the most unique vocals I’ve heard. I even get upset when bands cover the Deftones. BANDS LIKE SUICIDE SILENCE SHOULD NOT COVER DEFTONES! <--NO (I just think grindcore sucks in general).Recently they have been touring in trying to support bassist Chi Cheng, who was left in a coma after an accident. They also released a new song 'Rocket Skates' that are just amazing and obscure. Moreno's lyrics are pretty ambiguous and his voice simply gives you the chills. They got a new album coming out that I'm pretty stoked to get: Diamond Eyes (5/18/10). The video for 'Rocket Skates' is up on YouTube as well, so check that out. Moreno is looking good and healthier. (Drugs are bad kids)Alright check them out, they are definitely my number 1 in the favorites.Deftones

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