Dj in a purple sweater

hey ladies and gentlemen, im tyler. just a couple things to blog about this week. Im really liking the Jaguar Love album, Hologram Jams. In particular I love the cover of “piece of my heart” originally by Janis Joplin (RIP), which i played on the show today. I really love when bands can pull of odd covers like that. One of my favorite bands recently covered “danger zone” from the top gun soundtrack. I’ve got a collected playlist on my itunes of about 100 covers that i occasionally dip into. Worst cover I’ve ever heard: Avril Lavigne doing John Lennon’s “Imagine” (no that wasn’t a cold breeze, just the feeling of happiness dying). So what are some favorite/most bizarre covers that you cool kats have heard?. Comment and let the music nerds know about it!!!!!!!

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