Speak in tongues like alley cats

Two days ago Hot Chip got serious. Their new album, One Life Stand, which released on February 8th, 2010 proved to me that Hot Chip is more than just a funky electronic crew that makes fun dance beats. Not that I don’t dig their old stuff, A LOT. Don’t get me wrong. And I Was A Boy From School is one of my favorite songs, ever. But there is something much more deep, and captivating about the new album. If you listen closely to the lyrics (and there is no way not to), you realize you are hearing words about something. We are getting a sense of the ideas and philosophy behind the British accents. There is a sadder tone to the whole album (yes, I almost cried during “Slush” which is a half-acapella, almost gospel like tune that will make you sit and listen), but do not be deterred. Though we are learning about Hot Chip’s ideas on life, people, and the eternal search for happiness, we are not entirely deprived of the funky fast-paced beats that we are used to. Indeed, “I Feel Better” is undoubtedly one of Hot Chip’s best jam’s ever, and perfect for dancing (if you’re into that). This album proves to me that even in their 10th year of existence, Hot Chip is still developing as a band, and I am curious to see what comes next.The new album can be found IN THE WMXM STATION.Love, Ariel

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