A Pre-Riot Fest Playlist

If you cannot afford to be punk at the upcoming  Riot Fest, no worries you can still rock out in your dorm room/closet sized apartment and weep into your Replacements pillow cover with the new and improved HECK YEAH RIOT FEST! Playlist.
So bust out your favorite band t-shirt, dust off your Vans, and put those sweat bands on your pumped fist!


The Replacements-Left Of The Dial

Fall Out Boy-Chicago Is So Two Years Ago


Violent Femmes-Country Death Song



Danzig-Devils Plaything

Guided By Voices-Awful Bliss

Brand New-Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis

Public Enemy-Fight the Power

Taking Back Sunday- American Classic

Bad Religion- Before You Die

The Dismemberment Plan-The City

Dinosaur Jr-Repulsion

Screeching Weasel-Hey Suburbia

Pennywise- F- Authority

Andrew W.K.-It’s Time To Party

Against Me!-White People For Peace

GWAR- Carry On My Wayward Son

Suicidal Tendencies- All I Wanted Was A Pepsi

The Lawrence Arms- A Guided Tour Of Chicago

Saves The Day-Rocks Tonic Juice Magic

Say Anything-Total Revenge

Masked Intruder- Heart Shaped Guitar


Chuck Ragan-California Burritos

Touche Amore-Home Away From Here

The Flatliners-Count Your Bruises

Off With Their Heads-Die Today

Stay grimy,


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