I buy my records at a hardware store

Don’t get me wrong, I am a frequent visitor to both locations of Reckless Records but for those of us that want just the good stuff and none of the crap, Logan Hardware is a must. Located in Logan Square this record store/ arcade was originally opened by Jim Zespy who started Chicago Independent Distribution and then decided to take it full circle and open a record store.

They carry some new stuff but mostly old gems. I found a beautiful Pixies Surfer Rosa for a very good price and almost bought the new Bright Eyes but bought a gorgeous print from Chicago Rockyards. Not only do I find the atmosphere a million times better at Logan I like the people there as well. With Reckless you’ve got your hipsters and your wanna-be hipsters but when it comes down to it Logan is all about bringing out the nerdy vinyl-loving kid in all of us. The last thing I want is for the atmosphere at Logan to become Reckless, it would lose its mystique.

Oh and did I mention that when you purchase something at Logan Hardware the glorious woman behind the counter opens two metal doors that look more like the pearly gates then any portal you have ever seen. It reveals a room lined with at least 30 old school arcade games all completely free, all day, as long as you want, free arcade games. I will not lie, I am a nerd especially when it comes to Logan Hardware. And I am not ashamed to mention that if you happen upon Logan Hardware and get to visit the coveted back room and you see a Mario Bros. game, I dare you to try and beat my top score.

*also in Logan Square check out: Saki and Buckets O’ Blood.

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