Neo-Mermaid Grunge Pop

It has been previously stated that Tennis “rules”. And with that statement I wholeheartedly concur. When I popped in the Tennis CD in late January I was surprised by what I found…not only was the girl wearing the spandex jumpsuit misleading it was downright inaccurate. As I have listened to the CD over-and-over again and really gotten a chance to love it more, I have found that Tennis cannot be placed in any category but Neo-Mermaid Grunge Pop. It is a category that I have invented just for Tennis and I believe just for Tennis alone. If you ever wondered what Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid would sound like in today’s modern society, look no further than Tennis. Not only is the voice of Alaina Moore hauntingly similar to what I would imagine some sort of siren would indeed sound like, all of her and her husband, Patrick Riley’s songs are all about the sea (Making the connection?). Cape Dory was, not surprisingly, based on the couple’s yearlong trip sailing the Eastern Seaboard. So, if the idea of a modern indie-pop Ariel strikes your fancy Tennis may in fact be the band for you.

The song below Take Me Somewhere was written about their dream to go sailing and the rest of the album is about the progression of sailing and then ending up in Baltimore.

Below is the video for the song Cape Dory which is actually the name of the boat that Moore and Riley made their journey on.

Tennis “Cape Dory” Video 

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