Songs about Space

We’ve all done it: it’s a clear night and you’re outside, looking up at the stars and wondering what’s out there. There are planets, more moons than we know of, other stars, other GALAXIES. All just above our heads. Which is why I think there are so many songs about outer space. It’s actually not difficult to find these songs, a quick google search will bring you to dozens of lists of the so-called best songs about space out there.The songs I’m playing tonight come from all kinds of bands. From Colorpulse to Twin Atlantic to Ludo to Savoir Adore, everyone is jumping on the space bandwagon (or should I say, bandrocket?).Some of the songs that I’m not going to have a chance to play tonight include Rocket Man and Space Oddity, which you will find on a lot of the best-of lists out there. What are some of your favorite space songs?Like the universe, the possibilities are endless.

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