Prime Music Spots

Inspired by the new office chair in the studio, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog to our favorite places to listen to music. I am aware that this is highly specific to the individual, for example: I am sure some people out there love to listen to music while sitting under a tree. Personally, I could never do this as I’d be too worried about bugs inevitably making their way into my clothing.For me, the best time to listen to music is while making my way around the streets of Chicago. Not on the train, not on the bus, but while actually walking. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie that I picked the soundtrack for myself.Where do you like to rock out? Bedroom? Shower? Random street corners? Comment away!

One thought on “Prime Music Spots

  1. It looks to me that this site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getitng the exact same problem? I enjoy this blog and dont want to have to skip it any time Im away from my computer.

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