Massive Attack

Although I’m primarily a hip-hop DJ, my true passion is triphop, an in-between genre that will rock your world. Triphop consists of a synthesis of hiphop/rap-type lyrics with dub-influenced beats and an electronic, downtempo feel.
Massive Attack is the king of triphop and is quite possibly my favorite band of all time. Their music can be found in films such as Snatch, Unleashed, and The Matrix. Look them up. Listen to the tracks I play, like “Atlas Air” off their newest album Heligoland. Relish in the glory that is Massive Attack.
My favorite songs include (in no particular order):
Splitting the Atom
Inertia Creeps
Group Four
Paradise Circle
Dissolved Girl
and many more.

*Teardrop is popularly known as the theme song for the show House.

Thanks for listening,Miss Cleo

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