Headed West on Hennepin

Hi im tylerSo i went to see P.O.S. and Dessa at the Bottom Lounge down in the west Loop last thursday night. Im not going to go into detail about the show just yet (hopefully i’ll write a piece for the newsletter about it *NEWSLETTER PLUG! GO READ IT*) But, the venue was one of the coolest i’ve been to in a while. The stage area was smallish, but quirky and very intimate. The crowd echoed the venue almost exactly, the people i met there were all very unique (but in a cool way ha!). I think there are certain venues that are better suited for different artists and different kinds of music. Dessa and POS both do very engaging music, and I feel like the same concert wouldn’t have worked in a large theater. So I’m just wondering about everyones favorite venues/venue experiences. Does your favorite band usually play in huge arenas or dingy bars? In general, what’s your favorite concert venue? What was your favorite concert there? COMMENT YALL!!!

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