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Harry Nilsson - 'One'



Show DJ: Park
Show Date: 04-12-2017
10:13:00am Animal Collective - Peacemaker - The Painters
10:20:00am The Isley Brothers - Sweet Season/Keep on Walkin' - Brother, Brother, Brother
10:24:00am Tobin Sprout - To Wake Up June - The Universe and Me
10:27:00am The Sadies - The Good Years - Northern Passages
10:29:00am The Killer Elite - A Brilliant Disaster - A Brilliant Disaster
10:33:00am Mint Mile - Park - The Bliss Point
10:37:00am Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried - The Original Carl Perkins
10:40:00am Mogwai - Remurdered - Rave Tapes
10:49:00am Personal and the Pizzas - I Want You - Personal and the Pizzas
10:52:00am Pissed Jeans - The Bar is Low - Why Love Now
10:55:00am Paul K & the Killer Elite - Tryin' Not to Care - Brilliant Disaster
11:00:00am Yorkston Thorne Khan - False True Piya - Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars
11:05:00am The Black Black - Trenton - Adjusted I & II
11:09:00am Os Mutantes - Chao Estrelas - A Divina Comdia Ou Ando Meio Desligado
11:13:00am Elliot Smith - I Figured You Out - Either/Or (expanded version)
11:16:00am Pitchfork - Placebo - Eucalpytus
11:20:00am Satan's Pilgrims - Surf Lyre - At Home With Satan's Pilgrims
11:23:00am Satan's Pilgrims - Surf Lyre - At Home With Satan's Pilgrims - MOW Harvey
11:24:00am Sir Was - Bomping - Digging a Tunnel
11:26:00am Saturday Looks Good To Me - Polar Bear - One Kiss Ends It All
11:30:00am Jesus and Mary Chain - All Things Pass - Damage and Joy
11:35:00am These Estates - Virtue + Valor - The Dignity of Man
11:40:00am These Estates - Virtue + Valor - The Dignity of Man - Forest Benefits 60
11:41:00am Robbie Fulks - Let's Kill Saturday Night - Let's Kill Saturday Night
11:44:00am REM - Moral Kiosk - Murmur
11:49:00am Adna - Leave - Closure
11:52:00am Dianogah - The Sun Came Down to the Rooftops - Millions of Brazilians
11:56:00am The Scientists - High Noon - The Scientists