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Aretha Franklin (feat. Duane Allman) - 'The Weight '



Show DJ: Park
Show Date: 03-05-2018
10:06:00am SUBROSA - Killing Rapture - For This We Fought the Battle of Ages
10:18:00am Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Haunt - Wrong Creatures
10:24:00am The Breeders - Wait in the Car - All Nerve
10:26:00am The Service - Mr. Responsible - In Nonsense is Strength
10:31:00am Screaming Females - Bird in Space - All at Once
10:36:00am Ride - Pulsar - Tomorrow's Shore
10:40:00am Motorhead - Stone Dead Forever - Bomber
10:45:00am Motorhead - (I Won't) Pay Your Price - Overkill
10:50:00am Motorhead - Love Me Like a Reptile - Ace of Spades
10:52:00am Motorhead - Sweet Revenge - Bomber
10:57:00am Belle & Sebastian - The Girl Doesn't Get It - How To Solve Our Human Problems
11:02:00am The Breeders - Walking With a Killer - All Nerve
11:06:00am Efram Manuel Menuck - The Beauty of Children and the War Against the Poor - Pissing Stars
11:12:00am Bahamas - No Expectations - Earthtones
11:17:00am Lars Finberg - Isle of Lucy - Moonlight Over Bakersfield
11:21:00am Lars Finberg - Isle of Lucy - Moonlight Over Bakersfield - Ruth Education 60
11:22:00am Haywood - Hotel Bar in Moscow - We Are Amateurs, You And I
11:26:00am Superchunk - All For You - What A Time To Be Alive
11:29:00am Superchunk - All For You - What A Time To Be Alive - HARP Financing 30
11:31:00am The Ex - Cold Weather is Back - Catch My Shoe
11:36:00am Calexico - The Town & Miss Lorraine - The Thread That Keeps Us
11:39:00am Crown Larks - "Watchful, Spellbound" - Population
11:43:00am Crown Larks - "Watchful, Spellbound" - Population - Josh Groban 30
11:45:00am The Books - All You Need Is A Wall - The Way Out
11:49:00am Percy Sledge - True Love Travels on a Gravel Road - Any Day Now
11:51:00am The Fall - Free Range - Code: Selfish
11:57:00am The Flat Five - Birmingham - It's a World of Love and Hope