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All Time Low - 'Good Time'



Show DJ: Carolynn
Show Date: 03-09-2019
08:20:00pm AJJ - cody's theme
08:24:00pm AJJ - El principito
08:26:00pm AJJ - Hate, rain on me
08:28:00pm AJJ - Personal Space Invader
08:32:00pm PSA
08:34:00pm AJJ - Jesus Saves
08:37:00pm AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
08:39:00pm AJJ - Sense & Sensibility
08:42:00pm AJJ - Keep On Chooglin'
08:44:00pm AJJ - Temple Grandin
08:45:00pm AJJ - Now that im at the top of my game
08:51:00pm Michael Jordan Touchdown - King Kong Vs. US Army
08:54:00pm McCafferty - Trailer Trash
08:56:00pm Sorority Noise - Mediocre At Best
08:58:00pm Sorority Noise - Art School Wannabe
09:11:00pm Joyce Manor - Constant Headache
09:13:00pm The Front Bottoms - 12 Feet Deep
09:16:00pm AJJ - No more Tears
09:18:00pm AJJ - People
09:19:00pm AJJ - Dipping things in stuff
09:22:00pm AJJ - Love in the time of human papiloma virus
09:23:00pm AJJ - Junkie Church
09:26:00pm AJJ - People II: Still Peoplin
09:32:00pm PSA
09:35:00pm AJJ - Brave as a Noun
09:38:00pm AJJ - This is why im hot
09:40:00pm AJJ - Oldey Timey
09:42:00pm AJJ - Evil
09:43:00pm AJJ - Linda Ronstadt
09:47:00pm AJJ - Survival Song
09:49:00pm AJJ - Children of God
09:52:00pm AJJ - Space and Time
09:54:00pm AJJ - Small Red Boy