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Heart High Blood Pressure - 'n/s'



Show DJ: Allie
Show Date: 10-30-2018
09:09:00pm The Symposium - Streems
09:13:00pm Acid Ghost - Overthinking
09:17:00pm Wistappear - Loose Fate
09:23:00pm Current Joys - Kids
09:27:00pm Joywave - It's A Trip!
09:31:00pm Sir Sly - High
09:35:00pm Wallows - Drunk On Halloween
09:38:00pm Dayglow - Hotrod
09:42:00pm Undercover Dream Lovers - Been Here Before
09:44:00pm The Undercover Dream Lovers - I Don't Know Your Name
09:49:00pm Ceramic Animal - Tino
09:53:00pm John Coltrane - Mars
10:06:00pm Flake Music - Candy Dish of Diamonds - When You Land Here, It's Time to Return
10:10:00pm Des Ark - French Fries Are Magical - Everything Dies
10:15:00pm Des Ark - Street Woods - Everything Dies
10:19:00pm Emperor X - Go-Captain and Pinlighter - The Blythe Archives Volumes One and Two
10:27:00pm Choir Boy - Blood Moon - Passive With Desire
10:31:00pm Bernice - Boat - Puff: In the Air Without A Shape
10:33:00pm Chris Weisman - The Holy Life That's Coming - The Holy Life That's Coming
10:36:00pm Strange Ranger - I Want It to Be Dark - How It All Went By
10:39:00pm Pedro The Lion - Yellow Bike - Yellow Bike
10:45:00pm chris cohen - monad - Overgrown Path
10:49:00pm Gillian Welch - Look At Miss Ohio - Soul Journey
10:53:00pm Advance Base - Our Cat - A Shut-In's Prayer
10:56:00pm Songs: Ohia - Just Be Simple - Magnolia Electric co.
11:04:00pm The Cranberries - Zombie - No Need To Argue
11:09:00pm V.V. Lightbody - Fig Leaves - Bathing Peach
11:13:00pm Lala Lala - Destroyer - The Lamb
11:17:00pm Fog Lake - Goldmine - Captain
11:19:00pm Hovvdy - Float - Cranberry
11:24:00pm (Sandy) Alex G - Kicker - Beach Music
11:26:00pm Field Medic - flash tattoos - flash tattoos
11:30:00pm Coma Cinema - Running Wide Open - Loss Memory
11:32:00pm Starry Cat - I Think You're Really Beautiful - Starry Cat
11:42:00pm Joji - WANTED U - BALADS 1
11:44:00pm Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil - Multi-Love
11:50:00pm Advance Base - True Love Death Dream - Animal Companionship
11:52:00pm German Error Message - Everything is Scary - Haunts
11:54:00pm PSA