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Heart High Blood Pressure - 'n/s'



Show DJ: Ben
Show Date: 11-01-2018
12:02:00pm Handsome and Gretyl - My Heart Is Set - Twelve
12:06:00pm The National Parks - Places - Places
12:10:00pm My Brothers And I - Maddy Brown - Don't Dream Alone
12:13:00pm Family and Friends - New Eyes - XOXO
12:19:00pm Beta Radio - On the Frame (Acoustic) - On the Frame (Acoustic)
12:22:00pm Ben Rector - Fear - Brand New
12:25:00pm Mark O'Connor Band - In My Blood (ft. Zac Brown) - In My Blood (ft. Zac Brown)
12:29:00pm The Arcadian Wild - Leila - The Arcadian Wild
12:34:00pm Avriel & the Sequoias - Sweet Adeline - Sage and Stone
12:38:00pm Donovan Woods - Portland, Maine - Portland, Maine
12:42:00pm The Brooke & The Bluff - Masks (Live) - Masks (Live)
12:45:00pm Kalai - On My Mind - Acoutacism
12:50:00pm PSA - PSA - PSA
12:52:00pm Noah Guthrie - Once and Future Carpenter - The Once and Future Carpenter
12:56:00pm Johnny P - Drive - Drive