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The Beatles - 'I'm Only Sleeping'



Show DJ: Zak
Show Date: 11-27-2018
08:05:00am The Beach Boys - I Know There's An Answer - Pet Sounds
08:11:00am The Beatles - In My Life - Rubber Soul
08:16:00am The Beach Boys - God Only Knows - Pet Sounds
08:25:00am The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
08:27:00am The Beatles - Fixing A Hole
08:29:00am The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- Reprise
08:31:00am The Beatles - A Day In The Life
08:39:00am The Mothers of Invention - Mom & Dad - We're Only In It For The Money
08:46:00am The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
08:49:00am The Velvet Underground - The Black Angel's Death Song
08:52:00am The Velvet Underground - White Light/ White Heat
08:55:00am AARP - There Yet
08:56:00am AARP - Full Circle
09:03:00am Pink Floyd - Time
09:10:00am Genesis - Firth of Fifth - Selling England by the Pound
09:20:00am Yes - Starship Trooper
09:30:00am Genesis - Blood on the Rooftops
09:39:00am Bauhaus - Dark Entries
09:42:00am Joy Division - Disorder
09:46:00am U2 - Gloria
09:51:00am U2 - A Sort of Homecoming