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Cavetown - 'Boys Will be Bugs'



Show DJ: Ashe
Show Date: 10-11-2018
12:00:00am Ice Nine Kills - IT is The End - The Silver Scream
12:06:00am I The Mighty - Friends - Connector
12:12:00am A Lot Like Birds - Properties Of Friction - Conversation Piece
12:18:00am Tonight Alive - Revenge And It's Thrills - Consider This
12:20:00am Before Their Eyes - Life Was All A Dream - The Dawn Of My Death
12:25:00am Picturesque - Dead Flowers - Single
12:28:00am Beartooth - Bad Listener - Disease
12:35:00am Roman Reigns - be a dad
12:36:00am Cane Hill - Sunday School - Cane Hill
12:38:00am Tides Of Man - Create Couldnt Keep Up - Empire Theory
12:46:00am Broadway - We are Paramount - Kingdoms
12:50:00am Greeley Estates - Blue Morning - Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East
12:55:00am From First To Last - Note To Self - Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount
12:59:00am Motionless In White - Contemptress - Reincarnate
01:03:00am Davlin - Spent - A Lifetime Spent In Gray
01:07:00am The Devil Wears Prada - Planet A - Space EP
01:12:00am Hawthorne Heights - Niki FM - The Silence In Black and White
01:16:00am Alesana - A Most Profound Quiet - Where Myth Fades To Legend
01:19:00am Reggie And The Full Effect - G - Last Stop: Crappy Town