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Show DJ: kristina
Show Date: 11-07-2018
08:57:00am - New Voice - Discover the Forest
05:58:00pm Names - Creatures - Pink House
06:02:00pm Mike Snow - Animal (Mark Ronson Remix) - Animal Remixes
06:06:00pm Foreign Air - Free Animal - For The Light
06:09:00pm Steady Holiday - Nobody's Watchin - Nobody's Watchin
06:12:00pm Savage Garden - The Animal Song - Affirmation
06:16:00pm Kenduskeag - Tidal Pool - Tidal Pool
06:19:00pm Samuel E. Wright - Under The Sea - Little Mermaid (Special Edition)
06:22:00pm John Moore - Tide Pools - Neutral To Drive
06:25:00pm Tide Pools - Macauley Crites - Sand and Snow
06:30:00pm Tide Pools - Macauley Crites - Sand and Snow - Sense of Adventure
06:30:00pm Tide Pools - Macauley Crites - Sand and Snow - Sense of Adventure - Underwater HARP Financing
06:31:00pm Pinkfong - Baby Shark - Baby Shark Special
06:32:00pm Superorganism - The Prawn Song - Superorganism
06:35:00pm D.Dumbo - Walrus - Utopia Defeated
06:38:00pm Big Thief - Shark Smile - Shark Smile
06:43:00pm The Decemberists - Severed - I'll Be Your Girl
06:47:00pm The Nude Party - Wild Coyote - The Nude Party
06:51:00pm Jason Weaver - I Just Can't Wait to Be King - The Lion King
06:54:00pm Wild Beasts - Big Cat - Boy King
06:58:00pm Mt Joy - Bigfoot - Mt Joy
07:01:00pm Jeff The Brotherhood - Camel Swallowed Whole - Magick Songs
07:05:00pm Baja Men - Who Let The Dogs Out - Who Let The Dogs Out
07:07:00pm Norah Jones - Man Of The Hour - The Fall
07:10:00pm The Masons - Theo - Let You Down Easy
07:13:00pm Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog - Way To Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake
07:16:00pm Conor Lynch - Big Lawn - Big Lawn
07:20:00pm Damsel Trash - Pugs! - Soup for Sluts
07:21:00pm Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf - Decade
07:25:00pm Lou Rawls - Bark, Bite (Fight All Night) - Let Me Be Good To You
07:29:00pm The Beatles - Martha My Dear - The Beatles White Album
07:31:00pm Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog - Walking The Dog (Mono
07:34:00pm Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog - Walking The Dog (Mono - Best In Show Cat Adoption
07:34:00pm Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog - Walking The Dog (Mono - Best In Show Cat Adoption - Cellphone Cat Adoption
07:37:00pm Jeremy Messersmith - Everybody Gets a Kitten - 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs
07:39:00pm Modest Mouse - Out Of Gas - Lonesome Crowded West
07:41:00pm Queen - Delilah - Innuendo
07:45:00pm Dizzy - Calico - Baby Teeth
07:48:00pm Al Stewart - Year of the Cat - Definitive 70s
07:54:00pm Squirrel Nut Zippers - Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter - Perrenial Favorites
07:57:00pm Alien Ant Farm - Calico - ANThology
08:01:00pm Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz Band - Muskrat Ramble - Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz band
08:04:00pm Julie Andrews - The Lonely Goatherd - The Sound of Music Soundtrack
08:07:00pm Cake - Sheep Go To Heaven - Prolonging the Magic
08:11:00pm Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Strawberry Roan - Clippety Clop
08:15:00pm America - A Horse With No Name - America
08:21:00pm Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle - Fly Like An Eagle
08:26:00pm The Bee Gees - How Many Birds - The Bee Gees (Australian Years)
08:28:00pm G. Love - Two Birds - The Hustle
08:30:00pm The Beatles - Blackbird - The Beatles (Remastered
08:32:00pm Thom Yorke - Black Swan - The Eraser
08:34:00pm Phish - Birds of A Feather - Story of the Ghost
08:38:00pm Feist - Cicadas and Gulls - Metals
08:42:00pm Owl City - Fireflies - Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Version)
08:46:00pm The Skiffle Players - Local Boy - Skiff
08:51:00pm The Presidents of the Unitied States of America - Dune Buggy - The Presidents of The Unitied States of America
08:54:00pm Eve 6 - Leech - Eve 6
08:57:00pm Eve 6 - Leech - Eve 6 - Hamilton The Pug Adopt Shelter Pets
08:58:00pm The Pebbles - We Love The Beatles - First Album
08:59:00pm phish - bug - farmhouse