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All Time Low - 'Good Time'



Show DJ: Abe
Show Date: 10-07-2018
10:08:00pm U.D.O. - One Heart One Soul
10:11:00pm Infinite Translation - Malicious Mental Opression
10:14:00pm Satan - Death Knell for a King
10:16:00pm Insanity Alert - Disco Demolition
10:18:00pm Iron Angel - Writing's on the Wall
10:19:00pm Cauldron - Letting Go
10:23:00pm Tad Morose - Anubis
10:27:00pm PSA - PSA
10:29:00pm Saxon - Wheels of Steel
10:35:00pm Diamond Head - It's Electric
10:38:00pm Armored Saint - Win Hands Down
10:44:00pm King Diamond - Welcome Home
10:48:00pm Korpiklaani - Henkselipoika
10:53:00pm Grave Digger - Fear of the Living Dead
10:58:00pm Stratovarius - Oblivion
11:02:00pm Dee Snider - I an The Hurricane
11:06:00pm Holy Terror - Christian Resistance
11:24:00pm Iron Reagan - A Dying World
11:26:00pm Kaustic - Scars of Violence
11:30:00pm Korzus - Guilty Silence
11:35:00pm Laaz Rockit - Mob Justice
11:40:00pm Lazarus A.D. - Thou Sall Not Fear
11:44:00pm Gamma Ray - Master Of Confusion
11:49:00pm Leeway - Mark of the Squealer