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twentyone pilots - 'Taxi Cab'



Show DJ: Abe
Show Date: 09-09-2018
10:02:00pm Kataklysm - Bend the Arc, Cut the Chord
10:06:00pm Ribspreader - Under Ash-Filled Skies
10:09:00pm Down Among The Dead - Omega
10:12:00pm Hjarteorm - Cor Scorpii
10:17:00pm PSA
10:19:00pm Hate Eternal - Nothingness of Being
10:24:00pm Deicide - Defying The Sacred
10:27:00pm Revocation - The Outer Ones
10:32:00pm Krisiun - A Thousand Graves
10:37:00pm Unleashed - Lead Us into War
10:41:00pm Entombed A.D. - Fit for a King
10:44:00pm Cast the Stone - A Plauge of Light
10:49:00pm Superdeathflame - Dead Is Dead
10:53:00pm Balgeroth - Weltenbramd
10:57:00pm Atrocity - All Men Must Die
11:00:00pm Marduk - Werwolf
11:02:00pm Black Fast - Silhouette Usurper
11:07:00pm Agression - Forgotten Skeleton
11:10:00pm Alcoholator - Intoxication 101
11:12:00pm Amken - Theater of the Absurd
11:17:00pm Annihilator - Deadlock
11:22:00pm Antipeewee - Seperate - The Head from the Body
11:25:00pm Battalion - Running Alone
11:27:00pm Blood Feast - Cannibal
11:32:00pm Chakal - Feel no pain
11:36:00pm Chemicide - Retaliation
11:38:00pm Comaniac - Killing Tendency
11:42:00pm Condition Critical - Voluntary Disfigurement
11:45:00pm Coronor - Reborn Through Hate
11:51:00pm Crisix - Leech Breeder
11:54:00pm Blood Tsunami - Evil Unleashed