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ILLENIUM, Joni Fatora - 'Sleepwalker'



Show DJ: "Aggro"
Show Date: 04-10-2019
10:03:00pm Amon Amarth - The Pursuit Of Vikings
10:13:00pm PSA - PSA
10:17:00pm Caecus - A Parting Current - A Parting Current
10:21:00pm Cirith Gorgor - Legio Luporum - Sovereign
10:27:00pm Antropomorphia - Womb Ov Thorns - Merciless Savagery
10:31:00pm Celophys - Anunnak - Fried Chordata
10:38:00pm Hellripper - Black Arts & Alchemy - Black Arts & Alchemy
10:42:00pm Euphoria - Intro/Electro Hypnosis - Nanotech
10:47:00pm Exumer - Raptor - Hostile Defiance
10:52:00pm Sodom - Nuclear Winter
10:57:00pm Immortal - Eternal Yers On The Path To The Cemetary
11:01:00pm Unleashed - Berserk
11:08:00pm Accuser - The Mastery
11:15:00pm Kaustic - Less PC, More Fuck You
11:19:00pm Rigor Mortis - Demons
11:23:00pm Mutard - Mutard
11:27:00pm Hellvetica - Against The Odds
11:31:00pm Chaoshorde - Outcasts
11:34:00pm Acid Reign - Goddess
11:38:00pm Deathhammer - Warriors of Evil
11:40:00pm Kreator - Pleasure To Kill
11:45:00pm Prayers of Sanity - Dead Alive
11:50:00pm Pariah - Sick Kid