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ILLENIUM, Joni Fatora - 'Sleepwalker'



Show DJ: "Aggro"
Show Date: 03-20-2019
10:08:00pm 1/2 Southern North - Inner Self 88
10:13:00pm Baba Yaga - Taker of Souls
10:17:00pm Hari Kari - Liquid Death
10:18:00pm Perfume of Darkness - 2FL: French Foreign Legion
10:22:00pm Heather Leather - We Came To Destroy
10:25:00pm Absinthe Women - Filthy
10:28:00pm Harlequin - House of Shadowed Mirrors
10:33:00pm Placenta - Track 1
10:36:00pm Aenygmist - Clandestin
10:41:00pm Aghast - Enter the hall of ice
10:46:00pm HellArise - DeadFall
10:50:00pm Hell cats - Demon Dreams
10:54:00pm Poison Dollys - Love Is For Suckers
10:57:00pm Precious Metal - Reckless
11:02:00pm Allison - Naturaleza Animal
11:05:00pm Anashi - Get Wasted!
11:07:00pm Prepucio - Untitled 3
11:11:00pm Promisques - Monarchy of Evil
11:14:00pm Anghell - Dark Torment
11:18:00pm Anguished - Come To Me Satan
11:22:00pm Highway - Sueno Entre Sombras
11:27:00pm Hysterica - Lock up your son
11:31:00pm Recon By Fire - Traitors
11:36:00pm Revolution Eve - The Hive
11:41:00pm Putrefied Beauty - Hot for Blood
11:44:00pm Infernal Pussy - Llamado De Sucubus
11:46:00pm Purulence - Going to the putrid (?)
11:53:00pm Ice Age - A Case Of Cerebral Death
11:58:00pm Xenolith Oger - Explosion