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All Time Low - 'Good Time'



Show DJ: Lexie
Show Date: 10-07-2018
09:03:00pm Now, Now - Can't Help Myself - Saved
09:06:00pm Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Fail! - Seven + Mary
09:09:00pm The 1975 - Give Yourself a Try - Give Yourself a Try
09:17:00pm Twin Shadow - Too Many Colors - Caer
09:20:00pm Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic - Summer Pack
09:23:00pm HEALTH, Soccer Mommy - MASS GRAVE - MASS GRAVE
09:27:00pm Interpol - if You Really Love Nothing - Marauder
09:36:00pm Bully - I Remember - Feels Like
09:38:00pm Rostam - In a River - In a River
09:41:00pm Novo Amor - State Lines - State Lines
09:44:00pm Hazel English - Love is Dead - Just Give In / Never Going Home
09:48:00pm Foxing - Nearer My God - Nearer My God
09:55:00pm Survivor - Eye of the Tiger - Eye of the Tiger
09:59:00pm PSA - This is a Test
09:59:00pm PSA - This is Hamilton the Pug