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The Beatles - 'I'm Only Sleeping'



Show DJ: Robert
Show Date: 12-04-2018
10:05:00pm John K. Samson - Select All Delete - Winter Wheat
10:09:00pm Foxwarren - In Another Life - Foxwarren
10:13:00pm Fog Lake - I'll Be Around - Carousel
10:15:00pm Earl Sweatshirt - Riot! - Some Rap Songs
10:20:00pm Earl Sweatshirt - Playing Possum - Some Rap Songs
10:21:00pm Earl Sweatshirt - Azucar - Some Rap Songs
10:22:00pm Earl Sweatshirt - Loosie - Some Rap Songs
10:24:00pm Chance the Rapper - The Man Who Has Everything - The Man Who Has Everything
10:27:00pm Ski Mask The Slump God - So High - STOKELEY
10:30:00pm Medhane - Albany2vernon - Albany2vernon
10:33:00pm Boy Pablo - Sick Feeling - Soy Pablo
10:35:00pm Arthur Russell - Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart - Love Is Overtaking
10:38:00pm Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind - In My Own Time
10:41:00pm The Spirit of the Beehive - cops come looking - pleasure suck
10:48:00pm Chris Weisman - Thorn - The Holy Life That's Coming
10:51:00pm Jeff Tweedy - Having Been Is No Way To Be - WARM
10:54:00pm Oso Oso - subside - gb/ol h/nf / subside
10:57:00pm 2nd Grade - Superglue - Wish You Were Here Tour
11:00:00pm Forth Wanderers - Slop - Slop
11:05:00pm (Sandy) Alex G - Kicker - Beach Music
11:09:00pm Mount Eerie - Turmoil - Sauna
11:11:00pm Hovvdy - Problem - Taster
11:14:00pm American Pleasure Club - this is heaven and i'd die for it - a whole fucking lifetime of this
11:21:00pm Horse Jumper of Love - Ugly Brunette - Horse Jumper of Love
11:23:00pm Duster - Heading For The Door - Statosphere
11:27:00pm Lala Lala - Destroyer - The Lamb
11:30:00pm Spencer Radcliffe - Brown Horse - If I Knew How
11:40:00pm Adult Mom - be your own 3 AM
11:44:00pm Fog Lake - Roswell - Dragonchaser
11:45:00pm Soccer Mommy - Skin - Clean
11:50:00pm The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus - Face Down - Don't You Fake It
11:52:00pm Thin Lizzy - Boys Are Back In Town - Jailbreak
11:55:00pm IAN SWEET - #23 - Shapeshifter
11:57:00pm The Spirit of the Beehive - Short Walk - The Spirit of the Beehive