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Jackie Mittoo - 'Stereo Freeze'



Show DJ: Robert
Show Date: 10-02-2017
09:07:00pm Leonard Cohen - Avalanche - Songs of Love and Hate
09:12:00pm Tom Petty - Crawling Back To You - Wildflowers
09:17:00pm Frank Ocean - Swim Good - Swim Good
09:21:00pm Mathew Lee Cothran - America Forever - Judas Hung Himself in America
09:25:00pm Fraternal Twin - White Sulfur (Songs: Ohia Cover) - Evergreen: A Benefit Compilation for Hour Children
09:29:00pm Songs: Ohia - Hold On Magnolia - Magnolia Electric Co.
09:37:00pm Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles - Diary
09:41:00pm Bright Eyes - Nothing Gets Crossed Out - LIFTED Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground
09:47:00pm Bon Iver - Calgary - Bon Iver
09:51:00pm Radiohead - Nude - In Rainbows
09:55:00pm Fire Is Motion - stuck with me - Earth Day
10:00:00pm Energy Efficiency - Building 15
10:00:00pm GED - Pep Talks 15
10:00:00pm All In Together
10:00:00pm Discover the Forest 15
10:10:00pm Jason Isbell - Elephant