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Marc Ford - 'Marc Ford A Change of Mind Its About Time'



Show DJ: Lillie
Show Date: 11-06-2017
12:00:00am Wavves and Culture Abuse - Up and Down - Up and Down
12:00:00am PSA - Discover the Forest - PSA
12:03:00am The Memories - Go Down on You - Love is the Law
12:06:00am Shannon and the Clams - You Will Always Bring Me Flowers - Sleep Talk
12:09:00am Cowboys From Hollywood - Camper Van Beethoven - Telephone Free Landslide Victory
12:12:00am Manwolves - Shreddy Kruger - Shreddy Krueger
12:17:00am Mykki Blanci - Wavvy - Wavvy
12:20:00am hOp Off - Nnamdi Ogonbbaya - Drool
12:22:00am Die Antwoord - I Fink You Freeky
12:31:00am Hoodoo Gurus - I Was a Kamikaze Pilot - Stoneage Romeos
12:33:00am Wesley Willis - Rock and Roll McDonalds - Songs in the Key of Z
12:35:00am Camper van Beethoven - Ambiguity Song - Telephone Free Landslide Victory
12:39:00am Twin Peaks - With You - With You Single
12:44:00am The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground
12:47:00am A Savage - Eyeballs
12:49:00am PSA
01:02:00am Grapetooth - Trouble - Trouble
01:05:00am Giraffe - Do U Want Me - Too Real
01:13:00am Mungion - Scrambled Legs - Scary Blankets
01:16:00am Morissey - Spent the Day in Bed - Spent the Day in Bed
01:20:00am Typical Cats - Reinventing the Wheel - Reinventing the Wheel
01:25:00am Skrillex - Stranger - Recess
01:31:00am Orange Juice - I Can't Help Myself - Rip It Up
01:36:00am Jonathan Richman - Satisfied Mind - Jonathan Goes Country
01:38:00am Twin Peaks - Blue Coupe - Blue Coupe / On the Line
01:42:00am Rihanna - Sex With Me - ANTI (Deluxe)
11:14:00am MIA - URAQT - Arular
12:00:00pm K. Lewis - Let's Go Party - Songs in the Key Of Z
12:57:00pm Victor Wooten - Cell Phone - Soul Circus