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Marc Ford - 'Marc Ford A Change of Mind Its About Time'



Show DJ: Jon
Show Date: 11-05-2017
05:00:00pm DJ Jon - The Short Man's Room
05:00:00pm Jefferson airplane - today - surrealistic pillow
05:03:00pm Three dog night - show must go on - hard labor
05:08:00pm grateful dead - dicks picks 12 - eyes of the world
05:20:00pm ramones - baby i love you - end of the century
05:23:00pm psa - breast feeding natural
05:24:00pm chilled c'quence - uhc - dream triggers
05:30:00pm nick drake - cello song - five leaves left
05:35:00pm phish - wading in the velvet sea - story of the ghost
05:45:00pm PSA - IRS audit
05:46:00pm bob dylan - I Threw it all away - Nashville skyline
05:49:00pm jerry garcia - shady grove - shady grove
05:52:00pm warp technique - whale - Making Animals Happy
05:53:00pm bob dylan - simple twist of fate - blood on the tracks
05:57:00pm Adrian Belew - three of a perfect pair - Salad days
06:01:00pm janis joplin - piece of my heart - in concert
06:04:00pm john scofield - jolene - country for old men
06:05:00pm big thief - shark smile - shark smile
06:11:00pm Fall on me - REM - Life's Rich Pageant
06:15:00pm salty dog - procol harum - live
06:20:00pm the lover - Medeski, martin and wood - Friday afternoon
06:26:00pm PSA - peer pressure
06:27:00pm bleeding blue - woods - love is love
06:32:00pm grateful dead - Foolish heart - built to last
06:37:00pm peter himmelman - Woman with the strength - From Strength
06:41:00pm joe henry - short mans room - short mans room
06:46:00pm eric clapton - let it grow - 461 Ocean Blvd
06:55:00pm radiohead - true love waits - Moon shaped pool