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The Beatles - 'I'm Only Sleeping'



Show DJ: Mark
Show Date: 12-02-2018
08:09:00am Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land
08:09:00am Culture - Down in Jamaica
08:09:00am Cave - ShaSha - Allways
08:13:00am Fucked Up - Two I's Closed - Dose Your Dreams
08:13:00am Fucked Up - The One I want will come for Me - Dose Your Dreams
08:19:00am Someday
08:19:00am Peace Corps
08:20:00am Civic Duty
08:20:00am Suprchunk - Our work is Done - Single
08:25:00am Superchunk - Total Eclipse - Single
08:28:00am Lester Sterling - Reggae in the Wind
08:31:00am The Eradicator - The Court is Closed on Christmas - Single
08:37:00am The Beatles - Rain
08:37:00am the Bangles - September Gurls
08:40:00am Robyn Hitchcock - It sounds great when your dead
08:43:00am the anniversary - the heart is a lonely hunter
08:47:00am The Thermals - Returning to the Fold
08:49:00am Upper Wilds - Hellcoder - Mars
08:52:00am The Brothers Goforth - See You - White Knuckle Hymns
08:56:00am The Sunwatchers and Eugene Chadbourne - Give back the key to my heart - 3 Characters
09:00:00am Operation Ivy - Bad Town
09:04:00am Los Campesinos! - We are Beautiful We are doomed
09:08:00am Desaparecidos - Manana
09:09:00am Canadian Rifle - Less and Less is relevant - Peaceful Death
09:14:00am The Stereo - She Would Never
09:21:00am Guided By Voices - motor away
09:21:00am The New Pornographers - The Fake Headlines
09:32:00am Mike Krol - 15 Minutes - Live at Audiotree
09:33:00am The Hold - Your Little Hoodrat Friend
09:34:00am Broken Social Scene - Ibi Dreams of Pavement
09:34:00am The Clash - Revolution Rock