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Jackie Mittoo - 'Stereo Freeze'



Show DJ: Mark
Show Date: 09-03-2017
06:33:00am Hurricane Rita
06:33:00am Bedtime
06:33:00am Guys night out
06:33:00am Tickle Fight
06:49:00am Woodie Guthrie - This Land is Your Land
06:49:00am Culture - Down in Jamaica
06:50:00am One Direction - You dont know youre Beautiful.
06:51:00am Broken Social Scene - Stay Happy
06:54:00am Silento - Watch Me
06:54:00am Culture - 2 7s Clash
07:05:00am Butthole Surfers - Sweatloaf
07:07:00am Hailee Steinfeld - Rock Bottom
07:10:00am The Bangles - September Gurls
07:22:00am Grieves - Brain Damage
07:22:00am The Replacements - Alex Chilton
07:23:00am Bruno Mars - Grenade Jumper
07:27:00am LCD Soundsystem - Change yr mind
07:31:00am Peppa Pig - Theme Song
07:32:00am Tim Timebomb - Radio
07:38:00am The Murderburgers - I used to hate that life
07:39:00am Boyracer - Ive got it and its not worth having
07:54:00am meghan trainor - me too
07:54:00am Dry Nod - Carnival
07:55:00am Really Red - Teaching you the Fear
07:55:00am Studded Left - Western Groove
07:58:00am Fatal Flying Guilloteens - Fantasy Licks with Platinum Ceiling
08:00:00am Pinhead Gunpowder - Keeping warm in the nightime
08:02:00am The Ka-nives - Alright
08:09:00am Naked Raygun - bACKLASH JACK
08:10:00am Sludgeworth - 2 feet on the Ground
08:14:00am The Pastels - Million Tears
08:27:00am Rocket From The Crypt - Hairball Alley
08:31:00am Carly Rae Jepsen - Boy problems
08:35:00am Dusk - Too Sweet
08:38:00am Joe Goddard - Electric Lines
08:48:00am Shakira - Try everything
08:48:00am Mushuganas - Disappointed