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Queens of the Stone Age - 'Fairweather Friends'



Show DJ: Mark
Show Date: 06-11-2017
07:24:00am Woodie Guthrie - Thi
07:28:00am All In Together 30
07:28:00am Culture - Down in Jamaica
07:34:00am Busy Family
07:36:00am Circle
07:37:00am Circle - Kill City
07:57:00am squarepusher - Rayc fire 2
07:57:00am Blockhead - Grape Nuts and Chalk Sauce
07:59:00am Mutoid Man - Micro agression
08:02:00am Horseback - modern pull
08:10:00am The Silver Stars - Last Call
08:13:00am Gregory Issacs - sad to know youre leaving
08:18:00am Sons of Dub - dinner of dubs
08:18:00am Arab Strap - Hey Fever
08:26:00am The Pastels - check your heart
08:28:00am Moon Duo - Mirrors edge
08:37:00am Gorilla Toss - Betty Dreams of Green Men
08:44:00am Bonnie Prince Billy - The day the rains came.
08:44:00am Muncie Girls - Gone with the Wind
08:48:00am The Arrivals - Pull down the willows
08:50:00am Treasure Fleet - settle Your Mind
08:55:00am The Half Rats - Fool You You
08:56:00am The Hives - A Little More for Little You
09:00:00am Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It
09:14:00am Katy Perry - Chained to the rythm
09:14:00am Excuse 17 - Watchmaker
09:17:00am Jackie Lynn - Smile