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Heart High Blood Pressure - 'n/s'



Show DJ: Mark
Show Date: 06-03-2018
08:04:00am Height 15
08:04:00am State Fair
08:04:00am Federal student
08:05:00am Toxic litter
08:05:00am Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land
08:05:00am Culture - Down in Jamaica
08:16:00am Sleep - Sonic Titan - The Sciences
08:27:00am prince buster - freezing up orange street
08:33:00am pelagos - river - Revolve
08:44:00am Rangers - Apartment Scene - Late Electrics
08:58:00am Scientist - Gan
08:58:00am Wooden Shjips - Staring at the Sun - V
09:03:00am Superchunk - Dead photographers - What A Time To Be Alive
09:11:00am Escape-ism - rome wasn't burnt in a day - Introduction to Escape-ism
09:11:00am Alexis Taylor - Deep Cuts - Beautiful
09:17:00am Spielbergs - We are all going to die - Distant Star
09:19:00am Canadian Rifle - Shining Night - Peaceful Death
09:21:00am The Mons - The Man - Trust No One
09:27:00am Fastplants - Come Esta - Sprea
09:32:00am Belle & Sebastian - Show me the Sun - How To Solve Our Human Problems
09:36:00am Mazzy Star - Still - Still
09:38:00am Beth Orton and the Chemical Brothers - I never asked to be your Mountain - Single
09:44:00am Soccer Mommy - Still Clean - Clean
09:45:00am Dusk - Leaf - Dusk
09:48:00am Frankie Cosmos - Being Alive - Vessel
09:53:00am Algiers - Cleveland - The Underside of Power
10:20:00am The Jesus & Mary Chain - trip me up
10:20:00am New Order - tEMPTATION
10:21:00am Superchunk - Detroit Has A Skyline
10:21:00am Broken Social Scene - Ibi Dreams of Pavement
10:29:00am Pavement - pUEBLO
10:29:00am Teenage Fanclub - nEIL jUNG
10:38:00am Stone Roses - Bye Bye Badman
10:38:00am Super Furry Animals - sOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND
10:41:00am the Pastels - Different Drum
10:48:00am Waco Brothers - Walking on Hells Roof looking at the Flowers
10:49:00am Doug Sahm - ITS gonna be easy
11:00:00am Oasis - Champagne Supernova
11:01:00am Don Drummond - Last Call