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Aretha Franklin (feat. Duane Allman) - 'The Weight '



Show DJ: Mark
Show Date: 03-11-2018
06:46:00am Step In Revised 15
06:47:00am Outdated 15
06:47:00am Track 03
06:47:00am Put up with you
06:48:00am Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land
06:48:00am Culture - Down in Jamaica
06:51:00am Bitchin Bajas - Jammu - Bajas Fresh
07:08:00am the skatalites - Eastern Standard Time
07:15:00am Kim Petras - Heart to Break - Single
07:17:00am Belle & Sebastian - Everything is now Part 2 - How To Solve Our Human Problems
07:26:00am Beaches - Arrow - Second of Spring
07:27:00am Joe Goddard - Electric Lines - Electric Lines
07:38:00am Hot Snakes - Candid Cameras - Jericho Sirens
07:45:00am Superchunk - Dead photographers - What a time to be alive
07:46:00am Yo La Tengo - For You Too - Single
07:52:00am Superchunk - CLOUD OF HATE - What a Time to Be Alive
08:04:00am The Last Electro acoustic - The Trane and the Pharoah - Miles Away
08:11:00am The Clash - police and thieves
08:12:00am Incredible Bongo Band - Bongolia
08:21:00am Flaming Lips - Turn It On
08:22:00am Camper Van Beethoven - Where the Hell Is Bill?
08:23:00am The Eradicator - Im a squash man - The Eradicator
08:32:00am Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers
08:33:00am Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort Geoff Barrow Remix
08:37:00am The Figgs - Somethings Wrong
08:41:00am The Buzzcocks - Why cant i touch it?