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Steely Dan - 'Change of the Guard'



Show DJ: Rebecca
Show Date: 02-10-2017
01:16:00pm dodie - With A Little Help From My Friends (cover)
01:21:00pm dodie, Thomas Sanders - Birds
01:26:00pm Kina Grannis - For Now
01:31:00pm My Terrible Friend - The Daylight Here
01:36:00pm dodie - Would You Be So Kind?
01:40:00pm Bry - You're Alright
01:48:00pm Carrie Hope Fletcher - Que Sera Sera (cover)
01:52:00pm Tom Rosenthal - To You Alone
01:56:00pm Andrew Huang - Water
02:00:00pm Tessa Violet - Bird Song
02:04:00pm Carrie Hope Fletcher - I Will Be Enough
02:12:00pm Matt Corby - Untitled
02:24:00pm dodie - Absolutely Smitten
02:28:00pm Kina Grannis - Dear River
02:34:00pm Jordan Michael Taylor - Separation Is Natural
02:40:00pm Andie Isalie - She (cover)
02:46:00pm Andie Isalie - She (cover) - building
02:46:00pm Andie Isalie - She (cover) - building - forest
02:48:00pm dodie, Thomas Sanders - Dear Happy
02:53:00pm Orla Gartland - Lonely People
02:59:00pm Gwendolyn - So Glad I Feel