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Shakira - 'Cant Remember to Forget You'



Show DJ: Justina
Show Date: 12-01-2017
07:01:00pm Lorn - Oxbow B
07:05:00pm Circlesquare - Fight Sounds Pt. 1
07:11:00pm Drab Majesty - 39 by Design
07:16:00pm Gatekeeper - Chains
07:19:00pm Switchblade Symphony - Gutter Glitter
07:23:00pm She Past Away - Rituel
07:28:00pm Drab Majesty - Cold Souls
07:33:00pm Gnothi Seauton -
07:38:00pm Cold Cave - Confetti
07:43:00pm Parallels - Dry Blood
07:48:00pm Arca - Thievery
07:51:00pm Velvet Condom - Collapse In Slow Montion
07:55:00pm The Soft Moon - Breathe the Fire
07:58:00pm Grimes - Be A Body
08:03:00pm Light Asylum - Dark Allies
08:08:00pm TR/ST - Sulk
08:14:00pm Sunbeam Sound Machine - In Your Arms
08:19:00pm Ssleeping Desiress - We Need
08:24:00pm Void Vision - Sour
08:29:00pm Light Asylum - Hour Fortress
08:33:00pm Velvet Condom - Samt Und Stein
08:36:00pm Purple - The Club
08:39:00pm Huoratron - XXVI Crimes of Love
08:43:00pm Alice Glass - Without Love