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Harry Nilsson - 'One'



Show DJ: Ericka
Show Date: 04-18-2017
09:00:00pm beach vacation - i saw you
09:00:00pm the drums - i need a doctor
09:00:00pm beach fossils - saint ivy
09:00:00pm mac demarco - on the level
09:00:00pm tonstartssbandht - 5ft7
09:00:00pm day wave - promises
09:00:00pm summer salt - candy wrappers
09:00:00pm balue - man in the sixties
09:00:00pm jack kilmer - tm
09:00:00pm foals - my number
09:00:00pm homeshake - call me up
09:00:00pm connan mockasin - do i make you feel shy?
09:00:00pm s carey - all we grow
09:00:00pm French Kicks - all our weekends
09:00:00pm tomppaisnothere - the things i do for you
09:00:00pm swum - i miss u
09:00:00pm swum - i miss u - cessation tips
10:00:00pm swum - i miss u - cessation tips - FSE Funky Chicken