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Show DJ: JoeVelez
Show Date: 11-03-2018
09:00:00am Simpsons - Liberal Jail
09:00:00am REM - It's the End of the World As We Know It
09:00:00am Woody Guthrie - Tear The Fascists Down
09:00:00am Europe - Final Countdown
09:00:00am Crosby Stills, Nash and Young - Chicago (live)
09:00:00am Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just A Bill
09:00:00am Prince - Ronnie, Talk To Russia
09:00:00am American Dad - Schoolhouse Rock parody-Oliver North
09:00:00am Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues
09:00:00am Gene Marshall - Jimmy Carter Says "YES"
09:00:00am Alice Cooper - Elected
09:00:00am This Is Pathetic - Conspiracy (Schoolhouse Rock paroday)
09:00:00am Green Day - American Idiot
09:00:00am PSA - Josh Groban-Feeding America 60 - PSA
09:00:00am PSA - MedicAid and CHIP-Insure Kids Now 60 - PSA
09:00:00am Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever
09:00:00am Schoolhouse Rock - Three Ring Government
09:00:00am Broadway Cast of Hamilton - Washington On Your Side
09:00:00am Broadway Cast of Hamilton - The Election of 1800
09:00:00am Leslie Odom Jr - Washington On Your Side
09:00:00am Cast of Hamilton - The Election of 1800
10:00:00am Oscar Brand - For Jefferson and Liberty
10:00:00am Wyclef Jean - Election Time
10:00:00am JFK Campaign - It's Kennedy
10:00:00am Rage Against The Machine - Testify
10:00:00am Schoolhouse Rock - Sufferin' Till Sufferage
10:00:00am The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
10:00:00am U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
10:00:00am Peter Janovsky - The Same Merry Go-Round
10:00:00am Emma Lazarus - Statue of Liberty Poem
10:00:00am PSA - For Us All-USMC 30 - PSA
10:00:00am PSA - The Walk For Babies Hillary Duff-March of Dimes 30 - PSA
10:00:00am Family Guy - Republican Town
10:00:00am WAR - Why Can't We Be Friends
10:00:00am WAR - Why Can't We Be Friends
11:00:00am Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
11:00:00am Franklin D Roosevelt - I Welcome Their Hatred
11:00:00am Arcadia - Election Day
11:00:00am Randy Newman - Mr. President
11:00:00am Oscar Brand - Get on the Raft with Taft!
11:00:00am Chicago - Vote For Me
11:00:00am Mike Curb Congregation - Nixon Now
11:00:00am Bob Dylan - Talkin' John Birch Society Blues
11:00:00am Sunnyland Slim - Be Careful How You Vote
11:00:00am The Roots - I Am A Slave
11:00:00am Various & B Obama - Yes We Can
11:00:00am Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream
11:00:00am James Brown - Funky President
11:00:00am JFK Campaign - 1952 Senate Campaign Song
11:00:00am PSA - Civic Duty-Slctv Svc 30 - PSA
11:00:00am PSA - Building-Energy Efficiency 60 - PSA
11:00:00am Billy Bragg - Which Side Are You On?
11:00:00am The Simpsons - The Republican Party
11:00:00am Warren Zevon - Send Lawyers Guns and Money -
11:00:00am PSA - Building-Energy Efficiency 60 - PSA
11:00:00am Robbie Fulks - Countrier Than Thou
11:00:00am PSA - I am a voter - female 30 - PSA
11:00:00am PSA - I am a voter. Seats - PSA
12:00:00pm Oscar Brand - Free And Fair Elections
12:00:00pm Living Colour - Cult of Personality
12:00:00pm Frank Sinatra - High Hopes with Jack Kennedy
12:00:00pm Randy Newman - Political Science
12:00:00pm 1952 Eisenhower campaign - I Like Ike
12:00:00pm Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
12:00:00pm Wallace Campaign - George Wallace In '72
12:00:00pm Bobby Fuller - I Fought The Law
12:00:00pm Al Jolson - Your The Man For Us
12:00:00pm Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
12:00:00pm Franklin D Roosevelt - The Four Freedoms
12:00:00pm Ben Selvin and The Crooners - Happy Days Are Here Again
12:00:00pm Johnnie Taylor - I Could Never Be President
12:00:00pm 2012 Broadway Cast of Annie - We'd Like To Thank You Herbert Hoover
12:00:00pm Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back
12:00:00pm Megadeth - Washington Is Next!