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The Japanese House - 'Maybe You're the Reason'



Show DJ: JoeVelez
Show Date: 01-05-2019
12:00:00am The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Brainiac's Daughter
09:00:00am Jenna Mammina - When I'm Called Home
09:00:00am The Beatles - Tomorrow Never knows
09:00:00am The Moody Blues - The Afternoon
09:00:00am David Bowie - Love You Till Tuesday
09:00:00am Jenna Mammina - When I'm Called Home
09:00:00am Paul McCartney - Listen To What The Man Said
09:00:00am Paul McCartney - My Love
09:00:00am Paul McCartney - Silly Love Songs
09:00:00am Paul McCartney - Waterfalls
09:00:00am PSA - Antibiotics Right Tool-CDC 30 - PSA
09:00:00am PSA - Pets Anthem-Adopt Shelter Pets 30 - PSA
09:00:00am Jane's Addiction - Superhero
09:00:00am The B-52s - Hero Worship
09:00:00am Joey Scarbury - Believe It or Not
09:00:00am Prince - Batdance
10:00:00am The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
10:00:00am Lynryd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
10:00:00am The Beatles - A Day In The Life
10:00:00am I Love Makonnen/Drake - Tuesday
10:00:00am Paul McCartney - Hi Hi Hi
10:00:00am Paul McCartney - Junior's Farm
10:00:00am Paul McCartney - Coming Up
10:00:00am Paul McCartney - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
10:00:00am PSA - Cinderella- The Right Fit 30 - PSA
10:00:00am PSA - Darrell-USMC 30 - PSA
10:00:00am Paul McCartney - With A Little Luck
10:00:00am Lisa Loeb - Waiting For Wednesday
10:00:00am Status Quo - Spring, Summer, and Wednesdays
10:00:00am The Undertones - Wednesday Week
10:00:00am The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
11:00:00am Portal - Still Alive
11:00:00am Spike - Rest In Peace
11:00:00am Powerman5000 - Super Villain
11:00:00am Neil Patrick Harris - Slipping
11:00:00am PSA - Dog and Ball-Adopt Shelter Pets 30 - PSA
11:00:00am PSA - Dumpster-Emergency Plan 60 - PSA
11:00:00am No Doubt - Just A Girl
11:00:00am No Doubt - Sunday Morning
11:00:00am No Doubt - Hella Good
11:00:00am No Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend
11:00:00am Madvillain - The Illest Villains
11:00:00am Kirby Krackle - Henchman
12:00:00pm Queens Of The Stone Age - The Evil Has Landed
12:00:00pm Pet Shop Boys - Thursday
12:00:00pm Oingo Boingo - Capitalism
12:00:00pm Oingo Boingo - Controller
12:00:00pm Oingo Boingo - Imposter
12:00:00pm Jess Glynne - Thursday
12:00:00pm Matt Costa - Sweet Thursday
12:00:00pm Giles, Giles, and Fripp - Thursday Morning
12:00:00pm Big Country - 400 Miles
12:00:00pm The Proclaimers - 500 Miles
12:00:00pm Morphine - Thursday
12:00:00pm Harry Nilsson - [Thursday] Here's Why I Did Not Go to Work Today
11:00:00pm Emerson Lake and Palmer - Benny The Bouncer