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Harry Nilsson - 'One'



Show DJ: Doc Kane
Show Date: 07-09-2017
01:00:00pm Tica Douglas - Lost/left behind
01:04:00pm Spoon Hot Thoughts - Hot Thoughts
01:07:00pm Fake Shark - Friends
01:53:00pm Rev. Sekou - Resist
02:11:00pm Alvarez Kings - Sleepwalking, Pt. II
02:14:00pm The Cuckoos - Get it On
02:19:00pm PSA - Bonfire Revised 60
02:20:00pm PSA - Building 60
02:21:00pm Andre Cymone - Black Man in America
02:22:00pm PSA - Unicorn AA
02:23:00pm The Cuckoos - Stuck Dreamin' Of the Girl Next Door
02:26:00pm She Devils - Hey Boy
02:28:00pm The Cuckoos - Mind Breakthrough
02:34:00pm McCafferty - Dead-Bird II
02:36:00pm The Cuckoos - New Sunrise
02:45:00pm Kelly Lee Owens - Anxi
02:45:00pm The Cuckoos - It's Too Late
02:48:00pm Jidenna - Bambi
02:53:00pm Hades - Hades I
02:53:00pm The Cuckoos - You're Gonna Work for Us Until the Day You Die
03:12:00pm Thurston Moore - Smoke Of Dreams
03:21:00pm PSA - Breastfeeding is Natural
04:12:00pm Andre Cymone - We All Need Somethin'
04:15:00pm Andre Cymone - Money
04:19:00pm Andre Cymone - California Way
04:24:00pm Andre Cymone - Already There
04:31:00pm Rev. Sekou - In Times Like These
04:34:00pm Rev. Sekou - Burnin' and Lootin'
04:40:00pm Rev. Sekou - We Who Believe
04:45:00pm Rev. Sekou - Lord, I'm Running
04:48:00pm PSA - bear sighting cigarette 30
04:48:00pm PSA - Building 30
04:52:00pm Nihiti - Pinko Morning
04:54:00pm Nihiti - Talking To